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• 10/3/2018

Help With Corvus


Just to help with battling Corvus in his last form, this is what characters+ equipment+ skill points and attributes I used:

Character 1

Vocation: Minstrel

Level: 39

Equipment: Fire blade, Dark shield, Mythril helm, Sacred armour, Light gauntlets, Seabreeze skirt, She-fu shoes, Spirit bracer

Skill Points: Sword skill- 40, Whip skill- 3, Fan skill- 3, Shield skill- 40, Litheness- 22

Attributes: Strength- 101, Agility- 144, Resilience- 97, Deftness- 125, Charm- 130, Magical mending- 92, Magical might- 68, Max HP- 198, Max MP- 103, Attack- 194, Defence- 232, Style- 376

Character 2

Vocation: Mage

Level: 36

Equipment: Sceptre of gitt, White knight's shield, Thug's mug, Shimmering dress, Silver bracelets, Seabreeze skirt, Hobnail boots, Lucky pendant

Skill points: Wand skill- 31, Knife skill- 13, Whip skill- 3, Shield skill- 23, Spellcraft- 26

Attributes: Strength- 39, Agility- 155, Resilience- 65, Deftness- 117, Charm- 60, Magical mending- 34, Magical might- 174, Max HP- 160, Max MP- 181, Attack- 109, Defence- 182, Style- 296

Character 3

Vocation: Minstrel

Level: 38

Equipment: Fire blade, White knight's shield, Mythril helm, Mirror Armour, Light gauntlets, Transparent tights, Safety shoes, Rosary

Skill points: Sword skill- 22, Whip skill- 0, Fan skill- 0, Shield skill- 19, Litheness- 61

Attributes: Strength- 98, Agility- 145, Resilience- 95, Deftness- 122, Charm- 128, Magical mending- 93, Magical might- 94, Max HP- 194, Max MP- 86, Attack- 191, Defence- 237, Style- 365

Character 4

Vocation: Martial artist

Level 39

Equipment: Combusticlaws, Steely sweatband, Dragon top, Bruiser's bracers, Slick slacks, She-fu shoes, Mighty armlet

Skill points: Claw skill- 69, Staff skill- 3, Fan skill- 3, Fistcuffs skill- 3, Focus- 34

Strength- 176, Agility- 233, Resilience- 102, Deftness- 110, Charm- 52, Magical mending- 2, Magical might- 6, Max HP- 224, Max MP- 22, Attack- 317, Defence- 188, Style- 242

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• 9/22/2018


Where to deliver this following item?

Game: Dragon Quest XI
Important Items: Forged Love Letter (Location: Downtown Heliodor)

How to received the following item:
Talk to the kid who are playing hide and seek and then go to the inn keeper. Ask her to forged a love letter meant to be for some guard.

If you know where to deliver, please let me know.
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• 7/29/2018
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• 7/17/2018

Simple Simone

Just started playing DragonQuest ix again (it’s been years!). Having real trouble getting the Simple Simone accolade. The wikki description says I just need to equip Erdick’s helm and check battle records. Tried that, hasn’t worked... am I missing something?
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• 7/17/2018

Game From The Past

Does Anyone Still Play Dragon Quest IX I Would Say It Is The Best Game Ever
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• 7/6/2018

Wiki adoption

Recent events have exposed a shortcoming with this particular wiki. Since 2017, there have been no active operators or what FANDOM likes to call "bureaucrats" at the uppermost levels of the wiki, meaning maintenance tasks that could be performed cannot be performed. Take for example cleaning up a lot of "dead wood" pages; maybe these use the wrong letter case; maybe they're leftover from a vandalism spree; maybe nobody bothered to check for differences between the American orthography used in DQ-DQIV and the British used since VIII and filtering downward.

In an effort to "wake us up", someone started targeting articles for vandalism. With no one holding the reins, we cannot block future attacks.

In response, and after attempts to contact several editors about a possible adoption have stalled, I filed a request to adopt. While I would prefer not to take on the role of admin given that there are at least a half dozen bigger contributors than I am and that I already manage another SE wiki, present conditions require that someone gets promoted so that housekeeping can begin

Who would you send up, and why do you think they would make a good manager? Someone named Wendy would like to know, that I may help get the ball rolling.
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• 6/14/2018

Missing Image

Why is Corvus's second form the "Missing Image" picture? It gives spoilers for people who never played IX.
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• 2/24/2018

Ninja Slime Articles

I need articles on the Ninja slimes introduced in Terry’s Wonderland 3D in order to continue my list.
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• 11/12/2017

Argh goddamn it

In dq9 I died against dragon lord (yes I have the map)any advice on beating him?
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• 7/31/2017

Adding a field to the Monster Infobox template.

I was trying add a new field for the Monster Infobox name Related Monster(s). It seemed it when I check the preview, but when I tested on the Slime and She-slime articles, knowing happened. I don't wants wrong. Can anyone help me out?
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• 4/4/2017

Dragon Quest Heroes II demo

The playable demo for Dragon Quest Heroes II is live on the PS4 today! Anyone played it yet?

Play Dragon Quest Heroes 2 In A New PS4 Demo Out Today
Play Dragon Quest Heroes 2 In A New PS4 Demo Out Today GameSpot
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• 4/3/2017

Favorite Dragon Quest game?

Just curious what everyone's fave DQ game is? I'd probably go with Dragon Quest VIII, but I love IX a lot too. What's your favorite?
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• 3/24/2017

I'm so excited about this games!

I'm a huge fan of Dragon Quest and can't wait for Dragon Quest Heroes II!
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• 1/9/2017

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