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The Über falcon blade an upgraded version of the falcon blade in the Dragon Quest series. It attacks twice per round. However, just like with the falcon blade, certain abilities (Miracle Slash for example) ignore the sword's special property and will only hit once.


Dragon Quest VIII[]

The Über falcon blade has an attack bonus of +55 and can be sold for 25,000 gold coins. The blade can be equipped by the Hero and Angelo.

Recipe: Falcon blade + Meteorite bracer

Dragon Quest IX[]

 Über falcon blade  (DS)
Attack +26
Rarity 2 stars
Recipe Falcon blade x 1 + Meteorite bracer x 1
Buy Price N/A
Sell Price 16,800 gold
Flavor text A fiercer form of the falcon blade.

Basic attacks with the Über falcon blade are subject to the effects of the gladiator's guide scroll, and may hit three times instead of the standard two. It can be sold for 16,800 gold coins.

Dragon Quest X[]

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Dragon Quest XI[]

The Über falcon blade has an attack bonus of +94. This is can be upgraded up to +3, which increases the bonus by +99, +104, and +109. It can be made after the player retrieves the Überswords Illustrated recipe book. It is also dropped by Überkilling machines.

Dragon Quest Builders 2[]

Known as Three-starred Falcon blade, it is created by changing the appearance of the Sword of ruin on the Dressing Table to that of the Falcon blade, taking inspiration of the infamous glitch from the original release of Dragon Quest II involving the two weapons.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Pure lame du faucon
German Über-Falkenklinge
Grandiose Falkenklinge (XI)
Spanish Superfalcoespada
Italian Ultrafalcon
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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