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Accelerate is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


It increases one party member's agility by 25%, and can be applied twice.


Dragon Quest IX

Making its main series debut, it is learned by Thieves at level 16 and costs 2 MP to use. It is also used by Mecha-mynahs in battle.

Dragon Quest X

Accelerate is learned by Thieves at level 6 and once again costs 2 MP to use, but shortens the action interval for 120 seconds. It is also one of the special skills in the Slurpodrome, costing 3 MP and learned by all slimes, increasing their speed for a short time. It is also used by Raven lunatics, 24-carrot bunicorns, and the Red Beast Buzzred, as well as Mecha-mynahs once again.

Dragon Quest XI

Serena and Sylvando will learn accelerate at level 13 and 15. It increases agility by 40% for 4~6 turns, and costs 2 MP. +40% is the cap for agility buffs in the game, and cannot be raised further. It is also used by Stark ravens, as well as Mecha-mynahs, Raven lunatics, and 24-carrot bunicorns once again.

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