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Acceleratle is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


The spell engulfs each member with a somewhat red smoke or a orange wind, which seems to be coming from the ground. It forms a bit of a circle around the character to symbolise the increasing of Agility.


Dragon Quest III

Making its debut, it is learned by Priests and Sages at level 5 and costs 3 MP to use, increasing their allies' agility and evasion.

Dragon Quest IV

Learned by Borya at level 14, it once again costs 3 MP to use and is also used by Picksies in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Reappearing after a 4 game hiatus, it is learned by Jessica when 3 skill points into her Staff skill tree and costs 3 MP once again. It is also used by Mecha-mynahs, Boes, Wocs, See angels, and Octavian pirates in battle. In addition, it is also learned by Red when 3 skill points are invested into her Roguery skill tree in the 3DS remake.

Dragon Quest IX

Acceleratle is learned by Mages at level 4, and Armamentalists at level 12, costing 4 MP to use. It is nerfed, now only raising the party's agility by 1 level and no longer raises their evasion rate. It is also used by Parched peckerels in battle.

Dragon Quest X

Acceleratle is learned by Thieves at level 16, Armamentalists at level 21, Item Masters at level 24, and Druids at level 62, as well as investing 3 skill points into a recruited Slime's Slime Force skill tree, recruited Mischievous mole's Mischief skill tree, a recruited Needleman's Cutie Harry skill tree, and a recruited Mecha-mynah's Poppy Support skill tree, as well as the Toady skill tree for a recruited monster's 5th reincarnation. It is also used by Rumble bees, Scallop wallabies, Motherwoods, Needlemen, Prometimoses, Blue giraffes, Giraffe masters, Agehaflies, Needle rabbits, Sacred silver haardvarks, Muggy, Bondiri, as well as Picksies and Parched peckerels once again. It once again costs 4 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest XI

Learned by Serena and Sylvando at levels 17 and 15, it once again costs 4 MP to cast, and will increase a character's agility by 20% for 4~6 turns. It can be cast twice for a maximum boost of +40%, and is also used by Lurid lamplings, Raven lunatics gone Vicious, Stark ravens gone Malicious, Boodica's left-hand man, Boodica's right-hand man, Gyldygga, and her stronger form, as well as Mecha-mynahs for the first time since their debut when they have gone Malicious.

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Other languages
French Accélération
Superaccéléro (IX)
German Multibeschleunigung
Spanish Aceleración
Italian Accelerazione
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown


  • With this move, the Hero moves FASTER THAN SONIC in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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