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The agate of evolution is a recurring item that appears in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest IX[]

A special stone that encourages evolution. Alchemise it!  -  Item description

Sell Price

30,000 Gold

Ingredients Quantity
Sainted soma 2
Ethereal stone 2
Chronocrystal 1

Dragon Quest XI[]

Flavor Text
An enigmatic orb imbued with the power of progress.
Puerto Valor Casino- 50,000 Tokens
Quest: A Little Bit of Lantern
Dropped by
Headless norseman, Hooperman, Master commander
Used in

Dragon Quest Treasures[]

The Agate of Evolution is found in The Paternoggin and The Wingswept Moors. It is also dropped by Shadow ministers and Shadows. It's used to craft various Pellets:

  • Better Buddy Bullet
  • Perfect Panacea Pellet
  • Addrakadabra Pellet
  • Multiheal Pellet
  • Fullheal Pellet


Other languages[]

Other languages
French Agate d'évolution
German Achat der Evolution
Spanish Gemolución
Italian Gemma dell'evoluzione
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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