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Aimi, also named Eimi or Amy in some translations, is a character in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai.


She is kind-hearted and care for her princess. She never hits back Matoriv when he gropes her. She was first fearful of Hyunckel after he destroyed Papnica, but later fell in love with him.


She has brown hair shoulder-length hair and black eyes. On her head she uses a gold circlet (Crown of clarity), and for her clothing a white vest and a blue cape (Divine dress) with yellow gloves (Guru's gloves) and boots. In the 1991 version her hair is blue.


Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai[]

Clash Arc[]

Aimi is sister of Marin. One of the three sages Papnica Troika. She excels at attack spells and recovery spells, and is given the symbol of "wind".

She first appears in a balloon after Dai explodes some flares at the port. Aimi takes everyone to Velge Island where Leona was hidden, unknown to her that Flazzard was already attacking. After Leona is frozen and the party retreats, she stays at the cave where Matoriv was residing. During the battle against the Dark Army, she makes company to Matoriv being groped by him while the mages explains about the only way of beating Flazzard is with the Air Slash. In the 1991 anime she is groped again while in the balloon after Leona is freed. During the party to celebrate Dai's victory, she is groped once more by Matoriv.

Holy Sword Arc[]

She starts to develop feelings for Hyunckel after healing him.

After Hyunckel's is badly injured by Hadlar's queen piece by using the swordless stance, Eimi hides the Dark Armour Spear from the warrior, saying that she doesn't want to see him hurt again, and that he could die this time confessing her feelings for him. Hyunckel then refuses her love and see that the lance has returned to him by itself.

She acts as a healer during the final battle.

Flash of Light Arc[]

It is show in the epilogue that she is secretly following Larhart and Hyunckel in their travels.


Other languages[]

Other languages
French Amy
German Amy
Spanish Aimi
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