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Prince Albert is the ruler of Gotha in Dragon Quest V.


Albert is the younger brother of Pankraz and uncle to the Hero, as well as reluctantly being the King of Gotha (though still referred to as Prince Albert) due to both their absences. He also has a daughter named Gertrude, who lacks a desire to be the princess.

Albert maintained hope that Pankraz and his wife Madalena were alive, enough to offer a reward of 10,000 Gold Coins to anyone who could bring them back to the castle.[1] Upon the arrival of their son 16 years later, Albert was willing to turn over the throne, though his nephew first had to retrieve the Royal insignia from the Rite of Passage. Following the Hero's success of the trial, Albert happily turned over the throne to him, but had to resume the position of king when his nephew disappears in pursuit of his wife.

Once the Hero is found and brought back to Gotha, Prince Albert greets him, as well as pointing him towards Madalena's home in Lofty Peak. After the Hero finds his wife and receives a message from his mother, Albert voices his belief that he should refrain from pursuing her in Nadiria.


  1. As shown on a poster near the church in Gotha.

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