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The Alchemy Pot is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series that is used to performing Alchemy, the process of mixing different ingredients to produce desirable products such as items and equipments. The Alchemy Pot is the first instance of alchemy being used in the player's hands.


Dragon Quest VIII[]

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In Dragon Quest VIII, King Trode reveals the Alchemy pot to the Hero while aboard the ferry before arriving to Peregrin Quay, having salvaged it from the ruins of his castle and subsequently repaired it after many nights of hard labor. While the Alchemy pot can be accessed via the inventory, the pot is actually carried by Medea inside the wagon she tows.

At first, only two ingredients could be combined together, but after the Pickham incident regarding Medea's kidnapping, Trode further upgraded the pot, modifying its appearance in order to make it able to handle three materials at once.

In the original PS2 release, the Alchemy pot received one last upgrade, thanks to a wish made as a reward for defeating the Lord of the Dragovians in combat, making the pot take a golden, urn-like appearance, and the ability to instantly conclude any recipe performed.

However, in order to make Alchemy more accessible, in the Nintendo 3DS version, the part of the Alchemy process which entailed letting the pot boil as the Hero walked through towns and the over world, but not in dungeons where the Wagon cannot traverse safely, was removed; as such the pot is now from the very start able to finish immediately the combining once the ingredients are added. Due to this, the first design of the Alchemy pot is only seen during the introductory cutscene, after which it is completely supplanted by the second one, resulting in transitioning from the second design directly to the third, golden one, when the upgrade post-Pickham happens. Furthermore, the wish is removed from the Lord of the Dragovian's prize list, adding instead the optional dungeon of Memories Lane.

Dragon Quest IX[]

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Specifically, the version of the Alchemy Pot present in Dragon Quest IX is known as the Krak Pot, and it is furthermore, a sentient being.

Dragon Quest X[]

The Alchemy Pot makes a reappearance in Dragon Quest X, being once again used to perform alchemy.

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

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Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

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Dragon Quest Treasures[]

In Dragon Quest Treasures, the base version of the Alchemy Pot of Dragon Quest VIII, as well as Krak Pot, both make a reappearance as two of the various memorabilia that can be found and collected by Erik and his sister Mia during their stay in Draconia.


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