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Alena is a playable character in Dragon Quest IV. She is the Tsarevna (princess in earlier localisations) of Zamoksva, but dreams of becoming the strongest fighter alive. Against the wishes of her father, she embarks on a journey to prove her strength to the world, accompanied by Kiryl and Borya, eventually joining the protagonist, alongside her retainers, as a member of the Chosen to save the world from Estark.


Alena is a slender teenage girl who has fair skin, red eyes, and ginger hair that reaches past her shoulders and ends inna curled flip. As her main attire, she wears a short gold colored dress with short sleeves, black tights, and orange boots with matching gloves, along with a blue cape and large rounded hat. Her hair is a light ginger shade and her eyes are red. With her cape and pointed hat, Alena somewhat resembles the female mage from Dragon Quest III, though she possesses no magical aptitude at all. Though regarded by some as a tomboy, Alena does not forgo her feminine side; she is simply too concerned with improving her strength to be tied down by bothersome traditions and dictations of "proper" conduct. Nevertheless, she does enjoy adding the occasional accessory to her attire.


Alena is a definitive spitfire, unafraid to speak her mind and dead-set on reaching her goals. Despite her high aspirations, Alena is far from the stereotypically serious martial artist, and sees the world around her with the wide eyes of wonder befitting her age. She tires of being coddled by her father and the inhabitants of Castle Zamoksva, and is eager to see the world that she knows exists beyond her bedroom window. Though very stubborn, Alena is far from thick-headed; she immediately jumps on board when faced with her destiny of helping the Hero counter the threat the Lord of the Underworld posses to the world.


Dragon Quest IV[]

Chapter 2 begins with Alena begging her father, the Tsar of Zamoksva, to let her explore the world, since strong fighters are needed more and more in their troubled times, with the Underworld creeping out of dormancy. However, he refuses, saying that with monsters showing increasing aggression, it is simply too dangerous to let her leave the safety of the castle. Alena goes back to her room but, within a few minutes, has been overcome with frustration and escapes the castle.

Kiryl and Borya, her retainers, give chase; they are resigned to not being able to make her stay put, but if she is going to leave, they cannot allow her to travel alone. The three set out and soon come to a small village being terrorized by a local monster continually demanding young girls as a sacrifice. Alena immediately heads to the local church to offer herself as the next sacrifice, but she has no intention of dying; as soon as the demon shows its face, she, Kiryl, and Borya spring into action and take it out, saving the village.

After journeying straight to the far ends of Zamoksva, the nomadic Desert Bazaar, she learns her father has become mute. Retrieving some birdsong nectar to treat him, he admits that he was mistaken in his overprotectiveness, and opens the Travel Gate to Endor. On arrival, Alena finds the local princess bemoaning her fate, because her father has promised her hand to the winner of the Endor Tournament, an annual fighting competition, and her father is seriously regretting this promise. Though she hears rumblings of an extremely dangerous entrant named Psaro the Manslayer, Alena enters and gets to the finals, only to find that her opponent, who would have been Psaro, was a no-show. By winning the tournament, Alena absolve the Princess of her duty.

However, even as she is celebrating her victory a Zamoksva soldier rushes in and cries that she must return to the castle at once, then dies at the scene. The party returns to the Castle but finds it completely devoid of life. They set out to investigate and the chapter ends abruptly.

Alena and her companions are not seen again until Chapter 5, when Kiryl has fallen under a dangerous fever and is bedridden at Mintos. Alena and a band of three mercenaries set out to the weed's reported location to try and recover some to cure Kiryl, but fail. However, the Hero succeeds, and upon learning of their destiny, the three immediately join the party of the Chosen for the remainder of their quest. Some time later, they return to Zamoksva, finding the cause of its troubles to be the demon Baalzack, whom they kill both in retribution and for the greater good.


Alena corresponds to the martial artist vocation. She has high strength, hit points, and agility; however her equipment selection is somewhat limited (compared to the hero, Ragnar, and Torneko). She can wear most armor up to chain mail, but can wield only the most simple of clubs, and some whips, although most of them actually hinders her abilities, as well as her special weapon type, the claws, which instead naturally suit her skills. Due to her stat progression, she has the highest luck of all party members, enabling her to frequently dodge debilitating spells. Alena is also completely incompatible with the shields, being incapable to equip one at all.

Additionally, Alena's critical hit formula is very different from the other Chosen; instead of a fixed 1/64 chance, her ratio is dependant on her level. In the NES and PSX version, the formula is LvL/256, while in the Nintendo DS remake it is calculated as LvL(3/4)/256. Both will cap at level 64, giving probabilities up to 25% and 19% respectively. Interestingly, her formula was changed yet again for the iOS/Android versions with her cap being changed to level 89, restoring the 25% ratio.

Other Appearances[]

Main Games[]

Dragon Quest IX[]

Alena appears as one of the guests at Quester's Rest in Stornway. This can be achieved trough the DQVC using Nintendo's Wi-Fi Channel. When you talk to her, she gives you different pieces of her outfit depending on different situations. An Accolade can be earned if the Hero wears all of the pieces of her outfit together.

Dragon Quest XI (3DS and Definitive Edition)[]

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Side Games[]

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

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Alena makes an apperarance in title, alongside her old friends Kiryl, Maya, and even Psaro, as one of the heroes summoned by Empyrea to save the Kingdom of Arba, and by extention the multiverse of worlds, from the insane sorcerer Velasco, and later on, the deity of darkness he worshipped, Shadroth, Lord of the Night. Her weapon of choice are the bulky Gauntlets, although her selection of weapons also include some of the most well-knonw Claws.



Coup de Grâce: Great Ball of Fire

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

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Once again Alena is one of the heroes summoned by Empyrea, alongside her old friends, the ever-trusting Kiryl, the twin sisters Maya and Meena, the jolly Torneko Taloon (and in the Dragon Quest Heroes I·II edition, Ragnar McRyan), this time to save The Seven realms from the manipulations of Fractos.

Her weapon of choice are, once again, the bulky Gauntlets, A weapon-type that she shares with the mighty Carver; however, Carver's exclusive Gauntlets are much bigger and heavy than the ones Alena can equip, fitting his natural massive size, but on the other hand, Alena also has once again access to some of the most well-known Claws in the series, a weapon type that otherwise belongs this time around to Ruff, although the wolf cub turned human has only access to the more primitive-looking weapons of the archetype.

Fortune Street[]

Alena is a playable character in the game.

Itadaki Street Special[]

Along with Ragnar, Kiryl, and Torneko, Alena appears as a playable character in Itadaki Street Special.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[]

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Other Games[]

Dragon Quest Rivals[]

She appears as a card in the game.

Dragon Quest Walk[]

She appears as a helper character and also as part of the Dragon Quest IV story event.

Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

She appears as part of the Dragon Quest IV story event and fights as the 4th party member in event-related dungeons.


Princess Alena[]

Main article: Alena (Princess Alena)




  • Alena's name has been fairly consistent across localisations, except that it is spelled Alina in the French DS version to ensure correct pronunciation. In Japan it is usually romanized Arena because there is no "L" does not exist in the Japanese language and "R" produces an "L" sound in the language.
  • She bears a resemblance and shares similarities to Princess Daisy from the Super Mario franchise.
    • Both being princesses\rulers of their kingdoms in their respective series.
    • Both also being portrayed as tomboys.

Other languages[]

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