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Alexandria Town Map, as shown in game

Alexandria (Japanese: リーザス村, Rizaasu-mura, Rizas Village) is a town found in Dragon Quest VIII. It is the hometown of Jessica and the second town the player visits, after leaving Farebury


Alexandria is first visited by the Hero and his group while they are searching for Dhoulmagus. After first stepping into town, the Hero and Yangus are confronted by two kids, Bangerz and Mash, who accuse them of being bandits and challenge them to a fight. Fortunately, they are reprimanded by an old lady, who apologizes to the Hero for what they did. While exploring the town, the Hero and Yangus learn that Alistar, the son of the Albert family, has recently been killed and that his mother, Rosalind, and his younger sister, Jessica are currently mourning his death. After going inside the Albert mansion and speaking with Rosalind and Lorenzo, Jessica's fiance, they see Bangerz and Mash guarding the entrance to Jessica's room, having been ordered by Jessica to not let anyone in. After exploring the upper part of the mansion a bit, the Hero finds a small hole that Munchie can go through, which leads to Jessica's room. While in there, Munchie discovers that Jessica is not in the room, but finds a letter written by her. After reading the letter, which reveals that Jessica has gone to the Tower of Alexandria to find Alistar's killer, the Hero gives the letter to Bangerz and Mash. After discovering that Jessica is not in her room, Bangerz agrees to show the Hero how to enter the Tower and tells Mash to keep watch and not tell anyone that Jessica is missing.

Later on, after discovering that Alistar was killed by Dhoulmagus, the Hero and Yangus return to town while Jessica briefly stays behind in the Tower. After staying the night at the inn, they head to the Albert mansion, where they watch as Jessica and Rosalind argue about what to do concerning Alistar's death. While Rosalind demands that they mourn Alistar's death, Jessica refuses and states her intention to avenge him. Unable to persuade her, Rosalind proceeds to disown Jessica and tells to leave the house at once, which Jessica does. Afterwards the Hero and Yangus leave town and follow Jessica to Port Prospect.

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  • Despite being a small town, it is well-known; the Duke of Argonia knows it well and even agrees to have his son marry Jessica.

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