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The Kingdom of Aliahan is a castle town located on a large island in the southeast of the world of Dragon Quest III. The Hero sets off on their quest from this town.



Hero's House[]

The hero's house is located in Aliahan. This is where the player begins the game.

Patty's Party Planning Place[]

Patty's place is a unique establishment located in Aliahan. It consists of both a hall of registration, where new party companions can be conscripted and named, and a draught counter where party members can be added or removed. This is where the player receives companions throughout the game. However, as added party members are controlled completely by the player, these characters do not take part in the storyline in any way.

Patty's place is also the location where a party member can be found after being a victim of a Bazoom spell.

In the iOS/Android versions Luida's Place is renamed to Patty's Party Planning Place, to be consistent with current localisations. On the second floor you can create characters using the Premiere Adventurer Listing Service, or PALS.


There is a bank in Aliahan which accepts gold in 1000 piece increments. In the original version, this bank will also store items. However, in remakes where the party has a bag as part of their inventory, the item portion of the bank has been removed.

Mini Medal Manor[]

In remake versions, a medal collector lives in a house the bottom of the well in the southeast section of town. He accepts mini medals in exchange for various item prizes. In the iOS/Android versions this hidden house is called the Mini Medal Manor.


Although most locations in the world of Dragon Quest III mimic real world locations, the continent of Aliahan does not. This seems to support the supposition that the Hero hails from a distant and mysterious place rather than one based on a real world location. It could also be intended to be a reference to Atlantis, a lost continent mentioned by Plato, or Mu, a mythical continent also located in the Pacific Ocean.

Other appearances[]

Dragon Quest IX[]

Aliahan is mentioned in the game, via the Aliahan headpiece, clothes, gloves, trousers and boots, which allows the Hero to dress up as the Hero of Dragon Quest III. Wearing this costume will present the hero with the accolade 'Bane of Baramos'.

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Definitive Edition[]

The Hero can visit Aliahan through the Echo Chamber. He is taken to a time just before the marriage of Ortega and his fiance, and sees that several villagers have gathered in the woman's house to prevent the union. As it turns out, this is the work of a monster that was trying to prevent a legendary hero from being born and the party makes quick work of the nuisance. Additionally, the Luminary can get a Personality-altering book from Ortega's father, which can be used to alter Jessica's mind at Chateau Felix.

Other languages[]

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