Alltrades Abbey
Altrades Abbey - FrontView
The frontview of Alltrades Abbey

Alltrades Abbey is a large temple where characters can change vocation in IX. It is similar to the ones found in prior games, but this was the current localization its name was changed to Alltrades Abbey and not Temple of Dharma. It is located in the center of Newid Isle.

Alltrades Abbey has an Inn, a church and a merchant, and after Abbot Jack is rescued, the party's vocations can be changed. Later still, the ability to revocate is unlocked.


When the hero reaches Alltrades Abbey, he/she finds that you can change your vocation here, but Abbot Jack (the Vocation changer) is currently missing. You speak with who seems to be the leader of these people. He says if you want to change vocations, go talk around with people. You find a man who has recently changed to the Martial Artist vocation and gave the Abbot Jack a golden fruit. Then you go back to the Head Priest and he tells you to go to the person who the Abbot eats with. You go down to see a woman who explains that every day she cuts the Abbot's fruit.

You then go back and the Priest says he may have gone to the Tower of Trades and that the only way to get in is to use the bow party trick. He teaches it to you and you go to the Tower of Trades. When you reach the door, you bow and it opens. When you reach the top, the Abbot Jack is there, sending a prayer to the almighty, that he may learn to guide his flock better. This causes him to change into a power-hungry monster known as the Master of Nu'un (This is a pun on his name, Jack of Alltrades, Master of Nu'un [none], as he is the Jack of Alltrades, but the master of none).

The Master of Nu'un says he will defeat you and conquer the whole world, thus guiding his flock better, but by force. You engage him in battle and when he is defeated, he changes back to his Abbot Jack form and heads back to the Abbey. When you get there, he offers you free vocation changing. This is the ending to the story of Alltrades Abbey.


5G per person

If quests 95 or 96 are either available or active, the inn is temporarily free of charge.


The merchant is located at basement of Alltrades Abbey, in front of the pub. There is no icon showing his position.

Item Price Attributes Vocations
Item iconDQ9 MedicinalHerb Medicinal herb 8 G Restore 30 HP N/A
Item iconDQ9 AntidotalHerb Antidotal herb 10 G Cure poison state N/A
Item iconDQ9 ChimaeraWing Chimaera wing 25 G Teleport to visited towns/villages N/A
Sword Iron broadsword 1000 G Attack +27 DQ9 Warrior IconThief IconMinstrel IconDQ9GladiatorIconDQ9ArmamentalistIcon

Location Attributes

   Save icon    This is a location where the game can be saved.

   Zoom icon    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.

   Attribute icon    This is a location where party members can change class.



Dragon Quest IX (DS)
Item Location
Recipe: Steel shield In a closet of a room
Recipe: Steel helmet In a closet of a room
Recipe: Full plate armour In a closet of a room
Recipe: Steel gauntlets In a closet of a room
Recipe: Steel kneecaps In a closet of a room
Recipe: Steel sabatons In a closet of a room
Recipe: Steel broadsword In the book shelf of the room
Recipe: Steel lance In the book shelf of the room
Recipe: Spiked steel whip In the book shelf of the room
Recipe: Steel bar In the book shelf of the room
Recipe: Steel claws In the book shelf of the room
Recipe: Steel fan In the book shelf of the room
Recipe: Steel axe In the book shelf of the room
BodywearPlain clothes In the drawer of the room


Other languages

Other languages
French Abbaye des Vocations
German Unknown
Spanish Abadia Vocationis
Italian Abbazia Mutatonis
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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