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Alltrades Abbey is an island region southwest of Estard Island in the game Dragon Quest VII. It holds the all-too familiar Alltrades Abbey.


Alltrades Abbey was a temple that allowed people to change vocations to suit their personalities. They were protected by the Abbey Guard, an elite group of warriors. The temple was run by High Priest Jacqueline.

The Demon King understood the importance of the temple because of its potential to create a Hero. The Demon King sent Cardinal Sin to take over Alltrades Abbey. He commanded monsters and overtook the Abbey. Many of the guards were killed. Jacqueline was captured by the monsters and imprisoned in the Dungeon of Descent, encased in a pyramidal energy field, powered by two magical conductors.

With the monsters finally taken over the Abbey, Cardinal Sin comes up with an ingenious scheme. Knowing that travelers would come to Alltrades Abbey to change Vocations, Cardinal Sin decides to steal their skills. How it works is simple. The traveler comes to Alltrades Abbey in order to change Vocations. The monsters, disguised as priests, pushes class change onto the unknowing traveler, telling them about the advantages of changing their class. When the traveler is sold on the idea of changing classes, they go to the High Priest, who is actually Cardinal Sin in disguise. Cardinal Sin asks a unsuspecting traveler what class they wish to become. When the traveler makes their choice, he first asks the traveler to bathe in a pool behind him. When the traveler bathes in the pool, Cardinal Sin reveals his ruse. Bathing in the pool seals the travelers abilities. With the traveler powerless, he is sent to Pilgrim's Perdition, a town filled with the tricked travelers. It is cut off from the Abbey by mountains and connected by a long cave.

In Pilgrim's Perdition, the travelers are trapped by the monsters with no way out. Pushed to the brink, the trapped people turn against each other. Those who relied on strength before being tricked by Cardinal Sin and the monsters usually attack the people who relied on magic. Should a person try to leave Penal, the only way out would be to go to the Western Cave. It is a long cave, covered in marshes. On the fourth floor, two powerful monsters, Rasher and Stripes, guard the floor. They are given some of the powers stolen by Cardinal Sin, which makes them near unbeatable.

To further torture the people, the monsters tell them that the only way to recover their stolen powers is to use a weapon known as a Soulstealer, the manifestation of a person's soul made into a weapon. It allows the user to harvest the souls of the trapped people in Pilgrim's Perdition. However, continued use of the Soulstealer will cause dementia. The only way to cure the dementia is to have their Soulstealer returned to their bodies. The people of Pilgrim's Perdition, in order to protect everyone from soul harvesting, band together to prevent people's souls from being taken. As a result, many bosses have emerged in Pilgrim's Perdition, using strength to rule the town.

The monsters require that the wielder of the Soulstealer harvest five souls before they would return their powers. In order to harvest a soul, the wielder of the Soulstealer must run the sword through the target. The person run through with the sword loses their souls and turn purple. The loss of their soul causes them to become like mindless zombies, making them easy to be controlled by the monsters. However, if a person is lightly cut by the Soulstealer, the victim doesn't lose their soul. They become very withdrawn and lose all drive. The people whose souls were harvested are taken to a settlement cut out of the mountain. There they guard the priests who weren't killed in the battle for the Abbey.

The people whose harvested the five souls required to return their stolen powers are taken into a battle arena under the Abbey. There they are told that in order to gain their freedom, they must fight in six battle matches against others who have had their powers restored. The monsters require that the the fighters make groups of four but because the warriors do not trust one another, they choose to pair up with monsters. They must win five matches and then defeat the current champion. Should one person complete this task, monsters arrive and escort them into Alltrades Abbey's interior. There, they are taken before Cardinal Sin.

Cardinal Sin reveals why he did what he did. Stealing their powers strengthens the Demon King. Furthermore, the battle arena increases the rate that the Demon King gains strength exponentially. Cardinal Sin reveals that he will not allow anyone to escape and those who complete the battle arena are personally killed by him.


The party goes through the warp and reaches PIlgrim's Rest, before heading for Alltrades Abbey. One of the people mentions that how unusual it is that people haven't returned from the Abbey after changing Vocations. The party decides to investigate. They enter Alltrades Abbey and talk to the High Priest. Unknown to them, he is actually a monster in disguise. He asks them to bath in the pool behind him before he changes their classes. When the party bathe in the pool, their powers are stolen from them. Cardinal Sin reveals his ruse and sends the party to Pilgrim's Perdition afterwards. They drop into a nearby pool. After talking with some of the people there, they learned about what happened in the Abbey long before they arrive. One of the trapped prisoners, a warrior in pink armor, becomes enraged at the loss of his abilities.

Heading into a bar, they find Fingers talking to Eustace, who thanks him for obtaining Yggdrasil Dew for him. Fingers tells him that he didn't do it for nothing. He wanted to join the Abbeu Guard. Eustace tells him that there is only one more task that he needs him to do first. The party leave the bar to see monsters asking people to take up the Soulstealer. Strom, the current boss of Pilgrim's Perdition, chases the monsters away. He sees the party and proceeds to fight them with his gang. Without their abilities, the party is defeated.

When they come to, they find that they are in the residence of Nava and Zev. Nava took them in after the party was defeated and cared for them. Zev complains that Nava is pushing herself too hard. Eustace enters the residence and hands Nava the Yggdrasil Dew. Zev gets jealous that Eustace is getting his older sister's attention. He tells Nava to lie down, which she does reluctantly. Zev tells Eustace to stop bothering his sister, to which Eustace replies that Nava can do whatever she wants, then leaves.

Zev tells the party to leave. When the party leave, they witness a conversation between Fingers and Eustace. Fingers pesters Eustace into making him an Abbey Guard. Eustace reminds him that as long as High Priest Jacqueline is imprisoned and the monsters control Alltrades Abbey, there is no Abbey Guard. He charges Fingers to find Jacqueline and leaves.

Fingers sees the party exiting the residence and talks to them. He tells the party that they fought well against Strom and propositions them. He tells the party that they were strong enough to cross the cave and challenge the monsters guarding the fourth floor. Though Maribel doesn't trust him, Fingers gives the party the Salvation Stone to have as a gift. Fingers joins the party and they enter the cave.

The party reaches the fourth floor which is guarded by Rasher and Stripes. Fingers betrays the party by using the party as bait for the monsters while he goes to the mountain village. Rasher and Stripes fight the party. With the stolen power given to them by Cardinal Sin and the party's powerless state, the party loses. Somehow, they are able to exit the cave and returned to Pilgrim's Perdition. Nava saw them and tended to them at her house.

The party awakens and finds themselves back at Nava and Zev's residence. Zev tells Nava that he wants to speak with her outside. He tells her that he is able to get Nava's medicine for her and that she doesn't need to flirt with Eustace. Nava tells him that she isn't flirting with him. Zev storms off to talk to Eustace. He tells Eustace, who was in a bar, to leave his sister alone. Eustace tells Zev that he cares for Nava. Zev tells the Abbey Guard that they didn't need him. Eustace tells him that if he wanted to leave his sister alone, it would cost him. Zev storms off, saying that he wasn't going to give him anything. Eustace berates himself, wondering what about Zev that makes him be like that.

The party leaves the bar, everyone saying something bad was in the air. Their fears are realized when the pink warrior starts harvesting souls with a Soulstealer. As soon as the first soul is harvested, Strom and his gang chase after pink warrior but not before he takes two more souls. He encounters Eustace and he fights the Temple Guard while he is protecting Nava. Strom comes and helps Eustace fight the pink warrior. They are able to overcome him. The pink warrior decides to attack Nvaa so that she will become the fifth soul he needs to get out of Pilgrim's Perdition. However, Zev intercepts the attack. The attack is shallow so it doesn't take Zev's soul but it was enough to warrant the monsters taking the pink warrior out of Penal. All of the people whose souls where taken, including Zev, is taken to the Precipice Pass.

Nava is despondent because of the loss of her brother. Eustace decides that he will help Nava get back her brother. He tells the party that he knows that he is unable to help Nava by himself. He decides to ally himself with the party in order to save Nava's brother and Jacqueline. He tells the party to meet him in the cave west of Pilgrim's Perdition, the same cave in which Fingers had betrayed them.

The party goes through the cave again. After they reach the fourth floor, they find out that Rasher and Stripes are no longer there. They continue onwards. They interrupt a scene between Eustace and Nava. Eustace gives Nava a hairband. Afterwards, the group reaches the mountain settlement where all of the remaining priests reside, guarded by the people who were attacked by the Soulstealer. However, Zev isn't there in the settlement.

They see Fingers in the settlement. He tells Eustace that he was able to find the High Priestess, but was unable to free her. Eustace enters a house, thanking Fingers for his work. Fingers reminds him that he did not do all of this without a reward. He tells Eustace that he wants to be an Abbey Guard. Eustace replies that in order for Fingers to become a guard, they would have to rescue Jacqueline and restore the Abbey. Fingers the encounters the party again. He apologizes to the party, although it is halfhearted. He tells the party only a fool is fooled and enters the house that Eustace entered as well. The party enters as well.

There they find the Head Priest and Nava talking with Eustace. Eustace realizes that he must save Jacqueline. He decides to take Fingers and the party with him. The Head Priest is against this, saying that Eustace was a bad Abbey Guard as he was derelict in his duty to protect the High Priestess before and that the party and Fingers are not going to be enough to save Jacqueline. Eustace tells him that he will prove the Head Priest wrong. The Head Priest scoffs and tells Eustace that this is the perfect group for Eustace: a delinquent Temple Guard, a thief and a group of travelers. All five go to rescue Jacqueline. Eustace tells Nava to stay here while they rescue Fosse.

After defeating two Soulstealer victims guarding the cave, the party with Eustace and Fingers enter and go left into the Dungeon of Descent. They find High Priestess Jacqueline encased in a pyramidal energy field, powered by two magical conductors. Physical strength isn't enough to break the barrier. However, the party disables it by destroying the conductors. It is at this time that Rasher and Stripes enter the room. Noticing that Jacqueline is free, the monsters start to attack the party. Fingers remarks that it would be impossible to defeat the duo with the stolen power they had. Jacqueline uses her power to take away the stolen powers of Rasher and Stripes, making them weaker. The party is finally able to defeat the duo.

The party takes Jacqueline out of the cave while Eustace and Fingers go on ahead to tell everyone about Jacqueline's rescue. When they do, all of the priests in the mountain settlement crowd her, amazed that she is alive. However, there is something amiss. Zev returns out of the blue, muttering to himself. The Head Priest is gone. Eustace notices that Nava doesn't have on the hairband that he gave her before in the West Cave. Nava claims that she lost it but Eustace isn't convinced. Nevertheless, he doesn't press the issue. Jacqueline gives the party the Alltrades Key in order to progress further into the Abbey's underground.

The party, Eustace, Nava, Fingers and Zev, form a squad to enter the bowels of the Abbey. When they reach the locked door, Nava asks the party for the key given to them by Jacqueline. Eustace asks Nev why she would need the key. He announces his suspicions. The fake Nava is impressed that Eustace saw through its ruse. It turns into the Gobbler. It convinces Zev to kill Eustace and Fingers. It gives Zev a Soulstealer to do so. It decides to take on the party by itself.

The party defeats the monster. However, Eustace and Fingers are still fighting Zev. Eustace is able to disarm Zev and returns Zev's Soulstealer into his soul, freeing him from the monsters' control. Zev is able to recount how the Soulstealer caused him to become more paranoid. He asks where Nava is. Eustace tells him that she is probably still with the monsters. The party opens the door with the key and continues. In one of the rooms is a dais with a shining orb hanging from the ceilings. Standing on the dais returns the party's stolen powers.

The party makes their way into a battle arena created by the monsters. They find Zev and Nava in a waiting room. Nava has taken up the Soulstealer, wishing to kill the pink warrior who hurt Zev. However, her illness, coupled with the dementia created by the Soulstealer has made her unstable and erratic. Zev tells Nava to give him the Soulstealer, saying that she will feel better. However a monster stops Zev, telling him that it is curious to see how far Nava will go in the tournament. Zev storms off to talk to the monster running the arena to sign up but because he is by himself, the monsters do not allow him to participate. Zev is forced to join forces with the party and hopes that he gets paired against Nava.

The party goes up against five other warriors partied with monsters. They defeat five of them until they take on Nava, the current champion. Nava comments that even her brother wants to kill her. Zaji tells her that he will save her. The party, with Zev's help, are able to disarm Nava and return her Soulstealer into her body, knocking her unconscious. Zev wishes to attend to her, but with five victories and the defeat of the current champion, the monsters push the party and Zev away, saying that they have earned their freedom. Eustace watches as the party is taken by the monsters. Zev tells Eustace to save his sister. As the monsters escort them off the stage, Zev runs back, thanking the party for helping him. Should the party return, they will see that the people have revolted against the monsters. The riot had been started by Eustace while he was protecting Nava.

The party continues to fight the High Priest who stole their powers in the beginning. Before they reach the actual Temple, Jacqueline arrives, escorted by two Abbey Guards. She tells the party that she has to defeat the impostor High Priest. Otherwise, it would impugn her honor. Jacqueline joins the party and the four of them go to challenge the impostor.

They arrive to see another warrior talking with Cardinal Sin. The warrior demands his freedom, stating that he had won the tournament. Cardinal Sin agrees that he had won the tournament but reveals that it was all of the sake of strengthening the Demon King and himself. He burns that warrior until there is nothing left. The party goes up to challenge Cardinal Sin. With Jacqueline's help, the party finally defeat Cardinal Sin and liberate Alltrades Abbey.

The battle against Cardinal Sin exhausts the party to the point where they need several days' rest before they wake up. After leaving the inn, they witness Fingers talking with Eustace, who thanks him for his help as he would have been unable to save Jacqueline without his help. He tells the thief that he could join the Abbey Guard now. However, Fingers chooses not to join as he finds that being a thief suits him. He leaves the Abbey.

At the weapon shop, Zev is seen buying a sword. He thanks the party for helping save his sister and saving Alltrades Abbey altogether. He tells the party that he has changed Vocations and is now a warrior. He goes downstairs to see Nava. He tells her about his plan to help her with her illness, taking on quests so that he can afford the medicine she needs. Nava is adamantly against Zev's plan, saying that he would put himself in danger. Zev tells Nava that they don't have to depend on Eustace anymore. However, Nava tells Zev that she doesn't want him or anyone to make sacrifices for her. She doesn't want to feel like a burden. She tells her younger brother that she can take care of herself. Zev walks away, saying that he needs to get a sword as he is now a warrior. Zev is stopped by Kasim as he is leaving Alltrades Abbey. Eustace asks where Zev is going away and leaving Nava alone like she wanted. Eustace tells him that he would look after his sister now that he is leaving, but Zev tells him is none of his concern. Zev leaves Alltrades without telling Nava.

The party speak to Jacqueline and she thanks them for helping free the Abbey. She realizes that she must help bolster the defense of the Abbey so that another incident like this doesn't happen. She allows the party to change Vocations should they choose to do so. With that, the quest in Alltrades Abbey is completed.


Alltrades Abbey exists in the present. There is a new crisis. Bandits are attacking and robbing travelers on their way to the Abbey. The party encounters one of the bandits in the field where Penal was located in the past. He is laying down in the field, pretending to be hurt. When the party check up on him, three other bandits ambush the party. The party is able to fight them off. When they defeat the bandits, they give chase to the West Cave. Following one of the bandits, they learn about the secret password that will give them entrance into the cave. Entering the cave, they find the Mighty Pip, the leader of the bandits. He holds a Yellow Fragment in his possession. He tells the party that if they can defeat him in battle, they can have it. They are successful and the Mighty Pip hands over the fragment that he was given after defeating someone in battle. He could only give it away if someone defeated him in battle. The party did so and now he can go back to thievery. With this shard, the party can now go to Dune.


  • Alltrades Abbey - The main focus on this island. Alltrades Abbey exists to allow people to change their Vocations so that they can gain new abilities.
  • Pilgrim's Rest - This is the last in before Alltrades Abbey. There is a casino in the well outside the inn.
  • Pilgrim's Perdition - When Cardinal Sin drains the powers of people looking to change Vocations, he sends them to Pilgrim's Perdition, a town inhabited by people tricked by the monsters. Strom is the current boss of the town. After the party liberates Alltrades Abbey, people are free to leave the town.
  • Western Cave - West of Pilgrim's Perdition, this cave connects to Alltrades Abbey. In the present, this becomes the Bandit's Base.
  • Precipice Pass - Carved into a mountain, this settlement is where the monsters hold the priests who worked in Alltrades Abbey. When the Abbey is liberated, the priests vacate the settlement. It is inaccessible in the present.
  • Allblades Arena - Built under Alltrades Abbey. The monsters created it to pit humans against each other so that their fighting energies strengthened the Demon King.

Notable Residents[]

  • Eustace - A former Abbey Guard. He leads the rebellion that helps to liberate Alltrades.
  • Fingers - An accomplished thief. He can obtain anything as long as the price is paid.
  • Nava - A sick girl. She has a kind heart, taking care of the party when they get injured.
  • Zev - Nava's little brother. He is jealous of anyone who takes his sister's attention
  • Strom - The current boss of Pilgrim's Perdition. He makes sure that no one uses the Soulstealer by using force. When Alltrades Abbey is liberated, Strom stays to remain the boss of Pilgrim's Perdition.
  • Jacqueline - The High Priestess of Alltrades Abbey in the past. She is a girl whose skill has allowed her to become the High Priestess at a young age.
  • Mighty Pip - The boss of the bandits in the present. Though he is short and funny-looking, he is quite powerful.


  • Dharma is an Indian spiritual and religious term, meaning one's righteous duty or any virtuous path in the common sense of the term, an appropriate name for a place of signifigant change.
  • Penal is named after a penal colony where prisoners are exiled in a remote settlement away from the general populace.


  • Strom's legacy is memorialized in a book in the Alltrades Abbey's library called My Life as a Bandit.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Abbaye des Vocations
German Allesneu-Abtei
Spanish Abadia Vocationis
Italian Abbazia Mutatonis
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