The Ancient Ruins is a dungeon in Dragon Quest V where the Hero's father meets his end, and where monsters are holding the young Prince Harry.

The Hero enters the Ancient Ruins with Saber, and manages to fight through the monsters there. then, the Hero finds Pankraz and they progress further into the ruins. they find Harry. Pankraz breaks down the door, and when they are just about to leave, a mob of Prestidigitators arrive, forcing Pankraz to fight them off.

Just as the Hero, Harry and Saber are about to leave the Ruins, Ladja turns up and takes the Hero and the others out. Pankraz arrives and Ladja calls kis minions, the Knight and Rook, down to fight Pankraz. Pankraz defeats them. However, Ladja holds a scythe to the Hero's throat, forcing Pankraz to give in. Pankraz is then murdered by Ladja, who uses Kafrizzle to kill him, but not before he reveals that that the hero's mother is still alive. The Hero and Harry are taken into slavery, leaving Saber behind.

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