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Angus and Aigneas (Alex and Flora in the NES version) are minor characters in chapter one of Dragon Quest IV. Angus sets out into the Burland countryside after his children disappear (having been kidnapped by Psaro's pawn), but becomes so terrified by monsters that he loses his memory and finds himself imprisoned for stealing bread.

After Ragnar locates him in Strathbaile, Aigneas helps him recover his memory by showing her wedding ring (performing a Puff-puff in the Japanese version). With his memory restored, he fills Ragnar in on the secret to enter the tower where the children are being held captive. Ragnar finds the couple back in Burland after defeating Psaro's pawn. They play no role in the story after this.

Aigneas is the first NPC to join the player, without being a participant in battle. She does have party chat dialogue however, and alternates between bemoaning her husband and worrying for his safety.

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