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Anya (May in the NES version) is a minor character in Dragon Quest IV.


Anya looks like Alena except for blonde hair.


Anya initially decided to begin posing as Tsarevna Alena just for fun, but the more attention and pampering she received, the harder it became for her to stop the act, only being able to do so after the traumatic events of her kidnapping. Despite her imposter way of life, she still had moral standards, never accepting money from the people she decieved and only willing to accept preferential treatments such as free lodging in an inn, and she genuinely cared for her friends that posed for her as Alena's companions.


Dragon Quest IV[]

She is an actress who masquerades as Tsarevna Alena for fun, even recruiting two retainers to help her play the part. However, when she visits the town of Vrenor, she is kidnapped by thugs who demand the Armlet of Transmutation as ransom. Not understanding its value, Alena gives up the Armlet in exchange for the girl's safety. After her adventure, Anya vows never to be so foolish again and gives Alena the Thief's Key.