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Apollo is a character who appears in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai.


Apollo is the leader of Papnica's three sage: Marin, Aimi and himself.


He is highly protective of the other two sages, being extremily loyal to his kingdom and his princess. He has some feelings for Marin.


He has black hair and black eyes. He uses a blue mantle (Cape of good karma), white trousers (Tantric trousers), brown boots (Brahman boots), black bidings (Blessed bindings) and a gold circlet on his head (Crown of clarity).


Clash Arc[]

Marin and Apollo were guarding Leona at the Velge Island Tower when Flazzard attacked the tower. Marin and Apollo tried to attack the monster's half parts with their respective weakness, but Flazzard protected himself with the half that was strong against. Flazzard used his Flare Finger Bombs to defeat Apollo and then burned Marin's face leaving her barely alive. When the party escapes she is took under Aimi care for healing together with the other injured guards.

Destiny Arc[]

Marin, Apollo and Aimi offer thenselves to go with Dai, but Leona refuse and go in their place without they knowing.


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