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Apus Major is a character in Dragon Quest IX. He is a some what major character in the beginning of the game but his role dramatically decreases later on. He is the elderly leader of the Celestrians and lives atop the Observatory. Whenever Celestrians return from the protectorate, they are required to report to him. He accompanies the Hero/Heroine to the Realm of the Almighty.


Apus Major has white hair, a beard and wings. He wears a yellow shirt and green kilt. He carries a staff with an eagle on the end.


Apus is a kind, respectful and charming leader who has shown to be worried about his fellow celestrians. He shows sympathies for humankind and celestrians and is a major guiding figure for the Hero.



Main Games[]

Dragon Quest IX[]

Apus Major served as the leader of the celestrians. When the starfall express was shot out, he sent various celestrians to find those who fell from the explosion. He joined the Hero/Heroine when going to the Realm of the Almighty. He vanished along with the rest of the celestrians when Corvus was defeated.



  • "Apus" is the name of a constellation that symbolize a bird of paradise.
  • Although he is the Celestrian leader, he says he is unable to attack Corvus because of the Celestrian Law. He says this is because Corvus is stronger than any of the Celestrians. (see the Talkpage, as this need some citeation. a screenshot of said scene will do.)

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Apodis
German Apus Major
Spanish Vetustel
Italian Raphael
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown