Aridea is a town in VI. At the northeastern edge of the Dream World, this desert community is accessible via a nearby cave.


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The people of this small desert village are disappearing in droves by the light of a full moon, drawn away by the lure of the "Isle o' Smiles", a haven for seekers of unbounded happiness. Strangely, none who have gone there have ever returned, leaving their loved ones with more questions than answers. Some are even driven to drink themselves crazy.

The Hero learns of Aridea's plight by talking to its residents and visitors, at which point night falls and the transport, a floating island itself, arrives to take the Hero, his party, and the bulk of Aridea to the Isle o' Smiles. The townsfolk succumb to the ruse and are turned to stone. While the Hero and his bunch are knocked unconscious, they come to, having been dragged to Jamirus' Keep to be sacrificed with the others. Jamirus confronts them, but is defeated. With his fall, Aridea returns to normal, and the seal displacing Medford's Manor is broken. In thanks, the Arideans will the floating isle to the party.

Thou hast defeated the spoiler.

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