The Armlet of Transmutation (Golden Bracelet in the NES version) is a critical plot item in Dragon Quest IV. It is a magical artifact essential for successfully performing the Secret of Evolution; without it, one's transformation will turn out imperfect and warped.

Alena and her party discover it in the Vault of Vrenor during Chapter 2. However, perhaps not realizing its importance, they bargain it away as ransom for the Fake Princess of Santohaim. The criminals make off with the Armlet to sell in a black market in Endor.

Sometime between Chapters 2 and 5, monsters found and stole the Armlet from the thieves, presumably under the orders of Psaro.

The Armlet is mentioned in Chapter 5 upon Balzack's defeat. It is later used by Psaro at the climax of the game to achieve his trademark form.


  • While it is not explicitly stated, it is highly likely that Aamon required the usage of the Armlet since his transformation is identical to that of Psaro's later phases. How he acquired it is unknown, but since he was also in Nadiria during Psaro's transformation, he probably snatched it sometime before returning to the overworld.
  • According to a resident of Zenithia, Estark did not use the Armlet of Transmutation. This indicates that Psaro's transformation (as well as Aamon's) from the likeness of Estark to his own trademark form is what signifies the ultimate evolution achievable through the Armlet.
  • Grandmaster Nimzo was apparently able to achieve his trademark form without the usage of the Armlet. There may be other ways of using the Secret of Evolution to its fullest potential without the Armlet, since Nimzo's form is vastly different than that of Estark, Psaro, and Aamon and yet powerful in its own right.

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Other languages
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