Asham (known as Assaram and Ashalam in prior localizations), is a town in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. It located east of Romaria. It is typically a stopping point for accessing Isis and the Pyramid, as well as the cave leading to Baharata, and travelers can experience firsthand how the town got it's name after dealing with the avaricious merchants. It is also close to the left entrance of Nordy's Grotto.

Night Life

Asham is one of only a few towns which is quite busy at night. In addition to having a dancing club and a fortune teller open at night, it also has a weapons and armor shop only open at night.


A lone Imp appears upstairs past the Magic Key door. In the NES Version, it can be battled anytime once you go downstairs, while in the remake, it won't reappear.


In the remakes, the town has the Pyramid soundtrack at night.

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