Attack Attacker is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest IX

Making its debut, it is learned with 100 skill points allocated into the Courage skill and costs 4 MP to use. It launches an heavy melee strike that can reduce the enemy's strength by 25%, and is also used by Mean spirits, Hunter mechs, Lethal armours, and Fright knights in battle.

Dragon Quest X

Once again learned with 100 skill points invested into a Warrior's Courage skill tree, it acts the same as in IX, and is also used by Scallop wallabies, Undentured servants, Mandrake mercenaries, Bilebonnets, and Mandrake murderers, as well as Hunter mechs once again.

Dragon Quest XI

An enemy-only skill, it is used by hunter mechs and bilebonnets in battle.

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