Avarith is a boss in Dragon Quest XI and a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series.


A female, pink Professaurus-like monster, she speaks with a heavy lisp. She is greedy, taking people's prized possessions and gets some sadistic pleasure out of their pain and suffering.


Main games

Dragon Quest XI

#252 - Avarith
Dragon Family
DQXI - Avarith 2D
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
2,200 999 240 280 90
Exp Gold Drop None
9,500 10,000 G
Note: Though she invests an awful lot of effort into pinching others' possessions, it's not for want of the stuff itself-the real prize is the suffering of those she steals from.
Normal attack
Attacks twice
Gets Pepped Up
Haunts at:
Promontory Cave (Mid game)

Released after the Fall, the dragon tormented the people of Phnom Nonh into giving up their most valuable possessions, including family and friends, and took them to a grotto at the south end of the Champs Sauvage, where she hoarded her ill-gotten gains. When the Luminary arrives en route to Phnom Nonh, his party and Sylvando's troupe meet a man named Da, whose boy Son has gone missing. The group makes for the cave and meets Son on the way, who is trying to recover his mother’s necklace that Da offered in tribute. Avarith is poised to take the Luminary and his party hostage when they have nothing to offer, but Sylv intervenes to negotiate for the captives' release, promising something far more valuable in return. Sylv uses his sleight of hand to place a Horse manure in the creature's claw; and when his offering is revealed, she turns on the party and attacks them. Despite her best efforts by Fizzling the party's spells before the fight, she is defeated and her ill-gotten gains are liberated by the Luminary and his party.


  • Avarith is one of Mordegon's followers to not be a Spectral Sentinel. The other two are Jarvis and Dora-in-Grey. Fittingly, both trouble Phnom Nonh for different reasons and are bosses based on the professaurus and iron madien monster families, both debuting in this game. Jarvis and she are of the Dragon monster family.
    • Though not a Spectral Sentinel, she can be said to represent gluttony, as she hoards people's possessions. She is also named after greed.


Pun on "avarice" and either Lilith or Marilith, both of which are recurring monsters in the Square Enix universe. Avarice refers to extreme stinginess or greed, which this Mordegon follower exhibits.

"Avarith” is also "avarice" as said with a lisp.

Voice Actors


Other languages

Other languages
French Avariss
German Avaritia
Spanish Ávariz
Italian Varitia
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese 夫爾夫爾
Korean Unknown

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