Babs is a character in Dragon Quest Builders 2. She meets the Builder and asks for assistance in making Khrumbul-Dun great again.


When the Builder and Malroth first meet Babs, she has brown hair in a ponytail. She also wears a red and white dress.

After the first set of missions are clear, Babs wears a black bunny suit with white ears and golden jewelry.

Near the end of the chapter, she wears a white bunny suit with golden trim. She wears black tights and red shoes with this outfit as well. She also dons long orange hair.


Babs is a go getter and wants to help however she can. She didn't believe Hargon's teachings and wants others to do something with their lives. She's willing to do whatever it takes to get the boys to work even if she has to dance for them in a bunny suit.


Dragon Quest Builders 2

Babs is the daughter of the Khrumbul-Dunian Bartender, Den, and is very smart and strong-willed. She is the ”leader” of Khrumbul-Dun, and is the motivation for all the miners after announcing that she will become a “dancing girl” and at a certain point, she dresses in a skimpy black-and-white cottontail rabbit costume, and motivates Goldirox, Digby, and Dougie. She never gave in to the Children of Hargon’s teachings, and manages to convince her father and friends to help the builder.

After managing to make Goldirox into a Gold Golem, she dances in front of all the miners and citizens in the silver bar, before being turned to stone by Madusa, making the miners lose all of their confidence. She is constantly fought over by all of the men in the town except for three: her father, Den, Malroth, and the Builder, who explains why all the men were fighting over her to Malroth. If the player decides to play as a male, the men of the town consider the player as a rival, and become jealous of them as it is obvious that they are Babs’ choice, as she constantly gives the player Mushroom Kabobs, and she constantly tells the player all her worries and dreams.

At the end of the Khrumbul-Dun story, Babs gives the player the mission to ask all the important Khrumbul-Dunian people if they want to come to the Isle of Awakening with the player. Once this is complete, Babs pulls a Pastor Al, and makes a joke by saying she will not come with the player before bursting into laughter, and saying it was all a joke, and asks if she can come.


Babs is a skilled fighter, despite not having armor, and is the motivation for all of the miners and characters in town. After she is turned to stone, all of the hard work they had done seems to go to waste, and everyone is pleased when the curse is lifted.


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