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Baharata is a town on the south eastern coast of the Asian continent in the world of Dragon Quest III. Geographically, it corresponds to the real world India, and features a massive river similar to the Ganges.


Dragon Quest III

Baharata is an ornate village, with fine stonework constituting the buildings and several trees peppering the town. The church is the largest building, ensconced with tall ramparts and surrounded by a large garden. Being the largest town in the eastern hemisphere, several merchants have opened shop. The wide river coursing across the southern end of town is considered to be holy by the residents, and many people from all walks of life sojourn to purify themselves in its waters.

Black pepper

Baharta is known for having a supply of black pepper. The hero visits Baharata in hopes of retrieving some black pepper to give to the king of Portoga in exchange for their own ship. However, upon arrival, the party finds the shop is closed as a result of the kidnapping of Tanaya, the granddaughter of the pepper merchant.

In order to reopen the shop, the Hero must venture into the cave east of Baharata and free the shopkeeper's granddaughter from Robbin' 'ood. However, Tanaya's fiancee, Gopal Gupta, cannot stand idly by and allow perfect strangers to rescue his beloved and charges forth ahead of the hero's group on his own. He ends up a prisoner of of the bandits as well, but is freed along with Tanaya.

Afterwords, the hero is given some black pepper free of charge, and life returns to normal in the village.

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  • "Baharata" is derived from Bhārata, the local name of India.