Ballymoral is a castle-town in Dragon Quest IV, which Torneko first visits it in Chapter 3. The castle is located between Lakanaba and Endor, and has recently fallen on hard times. The king's ambitions have the citizens worried that they are on the brink of a war they do not want.


Torneko discovers upon arrival that the bridge to Endor is out and that the architect commissioned to fix the bridge hasn't arrived yet. After a brief encounter with some facetious foxes, Torneko delivers the builder and the bridge is repaired. King Shamus is overjoyed, having desired to invade the more prosperous nation for some time now.

The King is dissuaded when he finds out his son, Regan, wishes to marry Veronica, the Princess of Endor. Realizing that he can use this position to his advantage with much less danger than with overt force, he decides to act on his ambitions more subtly, and war is averted.

The armour shop is out of business in Chapter 3, due to lack of armour, which an old man in the castle will buy off Torneko for a significant mark up. The shop is opened by Chapter 5 due to receiving supplies from Endor.

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