Bamboo lance

The bamboo lance or bamboo spear is a recurring spear in the Dragon Quest series. It is cheap, but not very powerful.


This spear is a primitive weapon made from a length of bamboo sharpened to a point at the end. In some of the games, the spear or pole has some cloth wrapped around it as a rudimentary grip for ease of use. Typically, it is one of the weakest, if not the weakest, weapon that appears in the game. Eventually, this position would be taken by the cypress stick in later games.

In the Japanese versions of the games, the bamboo pole from the original Dragon Quest, the bamboo spear from V to VII, and the bamboo lance that appeared in IX and X are considered three different weapons, but for the sake of simplicity, all three weapons have been combined for this article.


Dragon Quest

Due to text restrictions in the Gameboy Color remake of Dragon Quest, the bamboo pole was renamed to Bamboo with a picture of a pole beside it. Additionally, the Hero starts his quest with it in the Mobile, Android, and iOS versions of the game, though it's unequipped.

Dragon Quest (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Bamboo Pole 10 G Attack +2

Dragon Quest II

Although the bamboo pole does not appear in this game, there is a piece of artwork of the Prince of Cannock carrying what appears to be the bamboo pole.

Dragon Quest V

The bamboo spear has an attack bonus of +5. It can be purchased in Whealbrook at the beginning for 50 gold.

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest VII

The bamboo spear has an attack bonus of +5 and a style bonus of +1. It can be bought at Estard and Ballymolloy in the past for 50 gold. All characters can equip it.

Dragon Quest IX


Known as the Bamboo Lance, it is the most basic spear.


Dragon Quest IX
Location Info
Stornway buy

Equipping characters


DQ9 Warrior IconPriest IconDQ9PaladinIcon


Other languages

Other languages
French Lance de bambou
German Bambuslanze
Bambusspeer (VI)
Spanish Lanza de bambú
Italian Lancia di bambù
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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