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The banishing bell (formerly known as the Amulet or Dragon's Bane) is an item in Dragon Quest II.


The Prince of Midenhall, Prince of Cannock, and the Princess of Moonbrooke can equip this to lower their resistance to the spells Fizzle & Snooze.

It can be purchased for 640 gold coins and sold for 480.


The banishing bell can be found in a chest in the Sea Cave, as well as being sold in the following locations:

It can also be won in the tombola if three water symbols are matched.

Other appearances[]

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

Purchase Value
Not for Sale
Sale Value
Basic Effects
Hard Target
A clanging chime that keeps beasts at bay

Lke the vast majority of the available accessories, Banishing bells can be created through Alchemy; through a lucky Sweet Success creation, it can be made from the start already at a rank of +1, then with successive melding with other copies of itself, an individual Banishing bell can be ugraded to up to a +3 rank, adding a total of 3 other additional effects to their base one; these effects are chosen at random from a pool of possible bonuses available for this particular accessory.

In order to create it, at least one of its recipe variants is necessary to having been found.

The Quick recipe, like all Quick recipes except for the Gold ring, can be bought by exchanging Mini medals, 2 in this case; alternatively, like its counterparts, the Classic recipe and the even better Luxury recipe, it can be found very rarely as a secret drop from Bubble slimes. Alternatively, all of these recipe variants could potentially be found inside a treasure chest, but even more rarely than from the enemy drops.

As such, since it is not ideal to find as a drop a Quick recipe that could had been purchased instead, it is preferable to spend some Mini medals and learn the Quick recipe as soon as possible, thusly increasing the chances for the monsters to drop the better, rarer quality recipes rather then the ones that are already more easily accessible.

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Other languages
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