Baramos' Lair (AKA Baramos's Castle & formerly the Castle of Baramos) is a castle in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. It is the home of the Archfiend Baramos, one of the chief villains in the game. It is surrounded by impassable mountains and requires Ramia in order to enter.

Dragon Quest III

The castle is the former city-state of the Necrogrond, which was destroyed by Baramos and his forces to claim as their own. As such, it resembles a twisted and sinister mockery of the castles seen throughout the adventure thus far. In the remakes of the title, the final chamber in which Baramos sits is given a heat-distortion effect, alluding to how difficult the battle will be.

Other appearances

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Switch

The Luminary and his party can travel to the lair twice through the Echo Chamber. The first venture is sometime after the conclusion of the game, in which the kings of AliahanPortogaRomariaEdina, and Manoza, and their guards converge on the site to honor the deaths of the king of the Necrogrond and his people. To their horror, the reanimated corpses of these citizens have begun the process of reviving Baramos, and the lair is once again crawling with monsters. The king of the Necrogond himself may be spoken to as well, having resisted the mind-altering incantations of the Necrogondolier due to his immense despair of the plight of his people. By slaying the necromancer, the Luminary and his party allow the Necrogrondians to rest in peace at last.

The second expedition to the lair occurs after this point, in which the aforementioned kings attempted to secure the site from monsters, but were repelled due to the revival of Baramos, who used the souls of his followers to return. The Luminary must class with the afront to Rubiss, and finally put an end to the Necrogrond's misery.

Additionally, the Galapagod was taken to here by a group of monsters who abducted the holy terrapin from his home in Tenton. These foes are chumps, and can be defeated easily at any level.


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