Bath (formerly Aneiru) is an optional town in Dragon Quest IV. A town famed for its hot springs, it is on the south side of the great desert. Also, outside the inn is the grave of the town hero, Bladud, who is famous for defending the down from monsters while wearing a legendary suit of armour.


Dragon Quest IV

Bath is a tourist trap, and the merchants will attempt to fleece the party. In particular, the town features two competing inns with the owner of the more expensive hiring a tourist guide at the entrance of the town to lead visitors to his lodge at the conclusion. The Zenithian armour on display in the town center is actually a forgery, with the real suit having been stolen by theives several years ago. To find the real armor, the party has to explore the Briny Lair in the northeast corner of the ocean.

The hotsprings the town is named after are open to the public, and the woman in the changing room will have different reaction's depending on the hero's sex. If the hero is female, the woman will snicker and insult her bust size, stating she must take after her father.

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