Batsureg is a nomad-styled town in Dragon Quest IX. It is located in Iluugazar Plains. There is a lot of minutiae that show cultural difference. For example, the church is located in a cave because of the different religions, and the weapon and armour shop sells mostly equipment for Gladiator and Ranger vocations, mainly because of nomadic living style.


When the hero enters this town of the great plains, he/she is thought to be here to see Sarantsatsral. When he does visit Sarantsatsral, the hero explains of his quest of finding the Fyggs. Then Sarantsatsral says that they do not know of such a fruit. Then a man comes in saying the beast is back. Sarantsatsral says that she will help you on your quest if you stop the beast. You step out and see the beast (A Badboon) is not attacking, but running for Batkhan's tent. You stop him by intimidation. He then runs off. Then Batkhann says he must teach his son, Batzorig, to fight.

He sends him to the Hunter's Yurts to train. When you get there, Batzorig refuses to learn. And he goes of to a cave in the Yurts. When you see him, he is talking to the beast, telling him not to visit him anymore. Then he sees you in surprise. He tells the hero to not mention this to anyone. He says he befriended this beast and his name is Khoonbish. Batzorig reveals that Sarantsatsral is a monster in disguise. He needs Bodura Grass to reveal her true form. His mother then appears as a spirit and agrees to help you get bodura grass.

You have to go Mt. Ulzuunn to get to a place called Gerzuun, where you can get Bodura Grass. Everyone in the depths of Gerzuun are ghosts, not knowing they are dead. You go deep and collect the Bodura grass. When you get back to the village, the people are gathered around, watching Batzorig slay Khoonbish. When he is about to deal the final blow, he and Knoonbish head straight for Sarantsatsral. Knoonbish attacks her to stop her from fleeing so Barzorig can throw the crushed Bodura Grass on Sarantsatsral, forcing her true colors to reveal themselves.

She transforms into a hideous, fat, warty, big, pointy tounged, creepy, annoying monster. Batzorig and Khoonbish attack, but Larstastnaras (Lars-tast-nar-az) fends them off, injuring them badly. You then engage her in battle after she declares that she will take over the Illugazer Plains. When you defeat her, you find she is just a slugger that ate a Fygg so she could be a "somebody". Batzorig sends her and Khoonbish to be companions. His father then declares than Batzorig is e new tribal chief after being so brave in combat and for surpassing him in every way. That ends the story.


6 G per person

Item Shop

The item shop is inside a cave with the church.

Item Shop
Item Price Attributes
Item icon.pngDQ9 MedicinalHerb.png Medicinal herb 8 G Restore 30 HP
Item icon.pngDQ9 StrongMedicine.png Strong medicine 36 G Restore 40 HP
Item icon.pngDQ9 AntidotalHerb.png Antidotal herb 10 G Cure poison state
Item icon.pngDQ9 MoonwortBulb.png Moonwort bulb 30 G Cure paralyze state
Item icon.pngDQ9 ChimaeraWing.png Chimaera wing 25 G Teleport to visited towns/villages
Item icon.pngDQ9 Evacubell.png Evac-u-bell 28 G Escape from dungeons
Item icon.pngDQ9 HolyWater.png Holy water 40 G Monster repellent
Item icon.pngDQ9 AngelBell.png Angel bell 90 G Cure confusion state
Item icon.pngDQ9 MagicWater.png Magic water 500 G Restore 30 MP
Item icon.pngDQ9 Coagulant.png Coagulant 90 G Paralyze one enemy
Item icon.pngDQ9 Tangelweb.png Tangleweb 35 G Slow down one enemy
Item icon.pngDQ9 Lambswool.png Lambswool 180 G Alchemy ingredient

Weapon Shop

Weapon Shop
Item Price Attributes Vocations
Sword.png Bandit blade 6300 G Attack +58 DQ9 Warrior Icon.pngThief Icon.pngMinstrel Icon.pngDQ9GladiatorIcon.pngDQ9ArmamentalistIcon.png
Sword.png Valkyrie sword 7700 G Attack +64 DQ9 Warrior Icon.pngThief Icon.pngMinstrel Icon.pngDQ9GladiatorIcon.pngDQ9ArmamentalistIcon.png

Armor Shop

Item Price Attributes Vocations

Monsters in the Area

A spoiler draws near! Click 'show' to display, otherwise run away!


#266 - Larstastnaras
Demon Family
IX - Larstastnaras sprite.png
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
1562 255 140 150 95
Exp Gold Drop Item icon.png Enchanted stone (100%)
8200 2000 G
Description: The true form of Sarantsatsral, the wicked witch who tried to take control of the plains by bending Batkhaan's ear.
Encountered at:
Iluugazar Plains - Batsureg
Attributes Resistance
Fire Ice Wind Earth Light Dark Blast Illusion Sleep Death Drain MP Confusion Silent Petrify Paralyze Poison Attract Attack ↓ Defense ↓ Agility ↓ Magic Res ↓
125 125 75 50 150 100 75 0 0 0 100 0 0 25 0 0 5 25 50 0 75
Thou hast defeated the spoiler.

Location Attributes

   Save icon.png    This is a location where the game can be saved.

   Zoom icon.png    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.

   FyggIcon.png    This is where a Fygg can be collected


Other languages

Other languages
French Batsureg
German Unknown
Spanish Unknown
Italian Kanaan
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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