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Battenberg is a small village high up in the mountains, on Mount Batten, and stands at the entrance to Gotha Pass.


The Hero and his wife pass through the isolated town in order to reach his homeland, but the trip is delayed as the woman begins to feel faint and loses consciousness immediately after entering Battenberg. The innkeeper sees this and yells for a stretcher to get her to bed, giving the two free lodging for the night. The woman is right as rain the next morning, and the adventure continues--though not spelled out at this instance, this is the player's first hint to her pregnancy. The barflies in town will divulge more details on the turbulent history of Gotha, and a mother struggling to get her son to eat his vegetables tells him that if he doesn't then monsters will kidnap him just like the lost Queen.

Due to their proximity, the villagers speak of Gotha often and Pankraz would visit the town in his early days as king, standing on the bridge and staring down at this land in the distance. During the third generation, the hero's children will mention that they and Sancho came to Battenberg a lot.

Weapon shop[]

Dragon Quest V
Item Price Attributes
Morning star 3000 G Attack +45
Battle axe 4000 G Attack +45
Cautery sword 4400 G Attack +45
Fire claws 4700 G Attack +53
Dream blade 6300 G Attack +55

Armor shop[]

Dragon Quest V
Item Price Attributes
Silver mail 4800 G Defence +40
Lacy bustier 5500 G Defence +36
Blood mail 6500 G Defence +45
Legerdemantle 6800 G Defence +37
Magic shield 3400 G Defence +22
Iron mask 3500 G Defence +25


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