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The Battle Records appears in several Dragon Quest games. It is a personal record of how well the player is doing.


Dragon Quest IV[]

The Battle Records can be viewed anytime for a summary of combat performance, including the total sum of gold pieces won through battle. Note that records are carried over through each chapter.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

King Trode manages the Battle Records menu and dispenses commentary on your progress throughout the game.

Dragon Quest IX[]

Stella keeps a record of your performance (in her words: "tabbing along to keep tags on you"). Like Trode, she provides commentary on your progress, and bestows certain accolades once conditions are met. The top screen covers basic records, while the bottom screen contains the Battle Records menu:

  • Defeated Monsters List: Tracks every monster (including bosses) that you defeated in your journey, including item drops and a descriptive blurb.
  • Item List: Tracks every item you've obtained, including all important items.
  • Wardrobe: Tracks every piece of equipment you have obtained.
  • Alchenomicon: Tracks all known alchemy recipes
  • Accolades: Tracks all Accolades obtained.
  • Quests List:Tracks all currently active and completed quests. Quests available through Wi-Fi is listed under the "Extra Quests" submenu.
  • First Completion Record: After defeating the final boss and subsequently completing Quest 039, Stella keeps a copy of your Battle Records from completing the main storyline, and presents a suitable accolade summarizing your overall performance.

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