Belleau is a boss monster who appears in the Dragon Quest series.


Belleau appears with his comrade Cabot commanding Isaac to swear loyalty and power to Mortamor, which the Supreme Sage refuses. They then play a vision of his twin brother Benjamin being executed in Gallows Moor if he does not cooperate. When the Prince of Somnia and his party witness this, they tell him what transpired and he wishes to see his brother immediately. When they reach Isaac in the Prison of Sorrow again, the same vision of Benjamin's execution happens again, only for Benjamin to convince his brother that it is fake and he is here with him. The brothers are reunited, but the living statue and troll refuse to let the duo escape and fight the party. They lose, and the Prince and his party finally gain access to Mortamor's Dreadlair through the brothers' combined power.


Main games

Dragon Quest VI

# - Belleau
Material Family
DQVI - Sprite - Belleau
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
2500 250 290 50
Exp Gold Drop Mini medal
3300 850 G
Normal attack
Stomps foot on enemy (125% damage)
Boulder Toss
Haunts at:
Prison of Sorrow

Other languages

Other languages
Spanish Belón
Italian Belleau
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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