This is a page of pre-release and unused content for Dragon Quest XI.

Unused Monsters

Several monsters were made unused according to data digging in the 3DS version.

Unused Returning Monsters

Monsters returning from past games were meant to appear, but went unused for unknown reasons. They consisted of Giga clubber and Pazuzu.

DQXI - Gigahammer 2D
DQXI - Pazuzu 2D

Unused Returning Rarefied Monsters

Many more rarefied monsters were planned to be in the game, but went unused for unknown reasons. The planned monsters consisted of spiked clubber, multicolour mannequin, and bodkin bloodbow.

DQXI - Spiked clubber 2D
DQXI - Multicolour mannequin 2D
DQXI - Bodkin bloodbow 2D

King Kelp family

At one point, king kelp, wailin' weed and general algae were going to be in the game. Where they'll be located is unknown.

DQXI - King kelp 2D
DQXI - Wailin' weed 2D
DQXI - General algae 2D


Supposedly, Nokturnus was going to appear, its coloring is based on the old sprites from the SNES version of Dragon Quest VI. Or maybe it was planned to be another Dhuran related monster at the time.

DQXI - Nokturnus 2D

Unused Monster Family Expansions

A new monster in the flamethrower and flython families were meant to debut, but went unused for unknown reasons. Whether these are plain monsters or rarefied monsters is unknown at this point.

DQXI - Unused monster 1 2D
DQXI - Unused monster 2 2D
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