Birdsong nectar is a sweet elixir that is capable of returning a lost voice.


Dragon Quest IV

In Chapter 2, Alena must recover some birdsong nectar to restore her father's voice. After climbing Birdsong Tower, two elves (Oopsy and Daisy) leave some nectar behind in their haste to flee from the humans.

Dragon Quest IX

It can be made from 3 nectar, 1 fresh water and 5 sleeping hibiscus using alchemy and can be used in quest #25.

Dragon Quest XI

Made in Grotta della Fonte from holy water and a mixture of ingredients carried by the priestess Serena. Used to break Placido's vocal curse in Gondolia.

Other languages

Other languages
French Nectar du rossignol
German Vogelsangnektar
Spanish Néctar de Piar
Italian Nettare di Belcanto
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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