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Bjørn the Behemoose is an ancient and horrifying demon from long ago who was sealed away by the Briscoletti family in ancient times due to his monstrous power. He is a major boss in Dragon Quest V, his defeat gifting the Hero's party with the Ultimate Key if they can overpower the beast.



Bjørn is easily the size of a small mountain; even from a distance, his presence is overpowering. He also has large patches of moss/grass growing on parts of his body to emphasise just how ancient he really is. His fur is brown and he bears two large horns and wings as well. He also has three eyes. Occupying both screens in his DS incarnation, Bjørn is among the largest bosses to appear in the series.


Bjørn is a destructive beast that was sealed away long ago by the Briscoletti family. Little is known about his personality, but he holds an intense grudge against Rodolfo Briscoletti, the last one to seal him away before the game's events occurred. Even with few lines of dialogue, he speaks with a thick Nordic accent. Since he cannot locate Rodolfo, he resorts to crushing anyone else in his path, including our heroes.


Main games[]

Dragon Quest V[]

# - Bjørn the Behemoose
Beast Family
DQVDS - Bjorn HP MP Attack Defence Agility
4700 300 160 75
Exp Gold Drop Seed of strength
9500 0 G
Normal attack
Acts twice per turn
Haunts at:
La Guardia (Gen 3)

Rodrigo Briscoletti requires your assistance with something early into the game, but it is not revealed until much later what you have done. He wishes for you to renew the seal on the beast that his family sealed away long ago. Much later, he asks for your help once again, the seal is weakening. Shortly after you arrive, Bjorn breaks the seal and arises from the sacred ground. He walks towards you, ignoring all around him, and once he gets close enough he engages you in combat, proving to be quite a powerful adversary.

Dragon Quest X[]

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Monsters series[]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[]

A "Baby Behemoose" appears as one of the bosses in the game and it is incredibly large, though not as big as Bjorn from Dragon Quest V. However, after obtaining the Giant Scout Ring, the real Bjorn takes its place and is able to be scouted. Its size is 3, to fit its largeness from Dragon Quest V and its rank is B.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional[]

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Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D[]

Bjorn remains a three space monster, but his rank has been increased, now being an A rank and a lot more dangerous, but other then that he is unchanged.

Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Marvelous Mysterious Key[]

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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional[]

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Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light[]

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Heroes series[]

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

Bjorn appears in Dragon Quest Heroes; during the main story, he makes a brief but significant appearance, as he is summoned by Velasco to destroy the Pillar of Light, the heroes powerless to stop him. Bjorn will then retreat, and remain unfought during the main storyline, as the heroes, occupied with more pressing matters, do not have an occasion to battle him. Instead, he is an optional boss fight; while in the original Japanese release, the fight was DLC, it has since then been integrated in the base game in the other re-releases, such as the international one.

The Bjorn encounter becomes available only after defeating Shadroth, upon completion of Sidequest number 100 "A Felicitous Solicitation", on behest of Rodrigo Briscoletti, who has travelled to Trial Isle from his home dimension to re-seal the beast, but was instead persuaded by Gragwort, to leave the task to Luceus and Aurora. After testing if the two youths were up to the task, Rodrigo rewarded them with the map leading to the beast's lair, as well as secretly revealing his identity to them, and them alone, possibly to spare worry for Nera and Bianca.

Bjorn is a powerful monster, with an incredibly massive body and an incredibly large sum of hit points. He walks towards the Stonecloud in quite the same way he did in Dragon Quest V, however now the heroes must prevent him from reaching the Stonecloud via a Ballista and and a Spellcaster turret, or all is lost. He has the ability to summon Nightmaws and Mawkeepers, and uses lightning based attacks as well. He also throws large boulders, massive fireballs and Veteran rockbombs at the party from afar, all in an effort to destroy the Stonecloud as, if its health is completely depleated, it will immediately end the fight prematurely. Thankfully, timely use of either the Ballista or the Spellcaster can turn his attacks against himself, by making the boulder drop on his own head with the Ballista, and making the fireball prematurely explode with the Spellcaster. After certain HP thresholds, Bjorn will temporarily faint, offering an opportunity for the group to drop on his snout and lay massive damage to his three eyes, before being snorted back on the Stonecloud.

After winning the fight for the first time, the heroes are rewarded with an Zenithian orb. Successive winnings will give different rewards depending of the time spent during the fight, with a golden rank rewarding 1 Mini medal, and a silver rank giving 30000 gold.

The completion of the golden rank time trial is noted in Bjørn's personal page in the Defeated Monsters sections of the Battle Records, with a "Time Trial Completed!" label, just like all the Veteran Monsters, Zoma, and Nokturnus, as Atlas is for some reason the only post-game fight that does not get the label.


Other languages[]

Other languages
French Neh l'Horrignale
German Bjørn der Bøse
Spanish Patxi el Giganchivo
Italian Arcidemone Bjorn
Vasen (Your Story)
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

Related monsters[]

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