The black bishop is a vocation that can be obtained from the beastly priests in Dragon Quest VII.


The black bishop is the monster vocation equivalent to the Sage. Just like the sage, the cost of spells for a character that has adopted this vocation is less than a regular one, and will become even lower the higher tier the character is. The black bishop vocation offers great increases to magic categories and a moderate drop in max HP.


In order to become a black bishop, a character must first master the delusionist and the bone baron classes.

Required for


Dragon Quest VII

Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 210
Strength Null
Agility Null
Guard +10 Percent
Intelligence +30 Percent
Appearance +10 Percent
Max HP -10 Percent
Max MP +30 Percent
Mastery Bonus +20 Bonus to Intelligence


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Druid Bound 1 Self Reflects all spells back to the caster for 1 turn 4
2 Dark Cloth Revive 23 One Ally Revives one Ally with full HP 15
3 Chaos Lord Firebolt 43 One Group Causes ~100 HP in flame damage to one group of enemies 10
4 Ceno Bite Defeat Max 70 All Enemies Has a chance of instantly killing all enemies 15
5 Blood Monk Explodet 100 All Enemies Causes ~140 in explosion damage to all enemies 15
6 Hate Padre Blizzard 130 All Enemies Causes ~100 in ice damage to all enemies 12
7 God Stomp Blazemost 160 One Enemy Causes ~190 HP in fire damage to one enemy 10
8 God Hater Pearly Gates 210 One Group Causes ~200 HP in light damage to one group of enemies, does extra damage to undead enemies 20

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