Blessed Breath is a recurring breath ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest IX

Although not a proper name at the time, it is a skill used by Yore, Greygnarl (Both fights, with the latter more stronger), Godsteeds and Pale whales.

Dragon Quest X

Now known by its proper name, it is used by a more diverse amount of monsters like Frou-frous, Hybirds, Angola lizards, Moai minstrels, Captain dragos, Grand yellow bellies, Lunar chimaeras, Great dragons, and others like Godsteed once again. Kyronos uses it in his first forme.

Dragon Quest XI

Used by Noble dragons, Mechan-o'-wyrms, Labradrakes, as well as Godsteeds and Hybirds once again, it can hit even the most prepared parties for a lot of damage.

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