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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 17 June

Tenchimatou Stance

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Robloxfan22333 Robloxfan22333 15 May


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RingoRoadagain RingoRoadagain 16 November 2020

Dai localisation

Hi all, here is my first blog post.

I intend to put a list of localised terms from the anime subtitles. to help keep track of what needs to be updated on the wiki (I'll try to keep it updated but it's still work in progress):


  • 死の大地 -> The Field of Death
  • マルノーラ -> Malnora
  • オーザム -> OHZAME (OPENING, manga) / ORZAM (eyecatcher) -> Orzam is used in the subtitles
  • ギルドメイン -> Guildmain
  • リンガイア -> RINGAIA (manga too)
  • テラン -> TERAN (manga too)
  • カール -> CARL (manga too)
  • ベンガーナ -> BENGARNA (manga too)
  • ラインリバー -> Rhineriver
  • ロモス -> ROMOS (manga too)
  • ホルキア -> Holkia
  • パプニカ -> PAPNICA (manga too)


  • ハドラー -> Hadlar (manga too)
  • Mao -> Dark Lord (see Archfiend)
  • Yusha -> Hero
  • デルムリン島 -> Dermline Island
  • ダイ -> Dai (manga and jump fore too)
  • Future Hero
  • ブラス (burassu dono -&…

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Legorulez49 Legorulez49 28 August 2020

Zenithian Trilogy on Switch?

Please Square, port the DS remakes of 4-6 to the Switch. And don't fuck up the graphics this time.

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Soulstyce Soulstyce 16 July 2020

Dragon Quest Popularity Polls

  • 1 Popularity Polls
    • 1.1 Protagonist Popularity Poll
      • 1.1.1 Vote:
      • 1.1.2 Results:
    • 1.2 Female Character Popularity Poll
      • 1.2.1 Vote:
      • 1.2.2 Results:
    • 1.3 Male Character Popularity Poll
      • 1.3.1 Vote:
      • 1.3.2 Results:
  • 2 Share Your Thoughts

On July 9th, I created a few popularity polls to help kill the time between now and the upcoming 'new Dragon Quest title' set to be announced on the 3rd or 10th of August. We have had a Dragon Quest XI S poll run by famitsu for western fans, but I thought it would be nice to see some series-wide results.

So I created 3 polls and have shared these initially on Twitter & in sackchief's Discord server, so please feel free to share elsewhere them as well. Each poll will end on August 3rd 23:30 (GMT) and you can recast your vote at any point.


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Princess-Josie-Riki Princess-Josie-Riki 20 May 2020

Favorite Dragon XI boss...

Mine are Jinxed Jade, Avarith, Jasper, Krystalinda and Dora-in-Grey.

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Princess-Josie-Riki Princess-Josie-Riki 14 May 2020

Who is your favorite Dragon Quest hero?

Mine is Eleven from Dragon Quest XI.

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Ryan14947 Ryan14947 6 March 2020


Hello. To anybody reading this, HI! My username is Ryan14947, and I have helped to make major edits to the pages about characters and content in Dragon Quest Builders 2, I have made several wikis, and am a fun and charismatic guy!

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Swordzmanp236 Swordzmanp236 16 February 2020

Do not be alarmed, for he cometh in peace...

It’s been a while, folks.

Those of you regular to the wiki might see a lot of notifications that your favorite pages have been updated. I’ve appointed a fifth member of the admin team who wants to help untie the Big Ball of Wibbly-Wobbly Dragon Quest Stuff We Don’t Know Why It’s Even Here. So, please welcome Jfgslo to the cast of DQWiki! I must admit, I haven’t known him long; but he has already greatly expanded our coverage of Dragon Quest media. His work of the past few months has him very near 1000 edits, and he’s presented us with a lot of good ideas for simplifying the wiki and making it just a little bit more relevant. I trust that our new staff member will do quite well in the time he contributes here. If you wish, stop by and say he…

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Macdawg Macdawg 13 January 2020

There is Another...

If any of you remember, the Queen slime didn't have a locailized name in Dragon Quest XI, desptie seeing it on slot machines. However, there is another...a Queen Slime can be formed by Pink slimes when 8 of them are Agoomalated in 2 spins. Here is a video from a YT user named Heavenistic Chaos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy7BNwU6vl4), who came close to discovering it, but failed. But his efforts are not in vain, because I have made my own video on this situation (Queen Slime Challenge). Think of it as a nice fun thing to keep us occupied unitl 5.1 of X comes out and we meet Madesagora's grandson. Along with some potential monster returns... 

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Macdawg Macdawg 27 October 2019

Dragon Quest X Vicious Monsters

Since Verison 5 of Dragon Quest X was released 2 days ago, we have seen the return of Tentacular, Funghoul, & Cruelcumber (The last of which I was expecting, and similar to Tyrantosaurus at the beginning of Verison 4, is poectic justice since its relatives/comrades Zumeanie & Scourgette reappeared in X (3.1 for the former and 3.3 for the latter), along with the surprise returns of Stark raven & Lampling (Which MAY be its retroactive debut, but still gonna go with XI since the last times...). And not only is there a new Giraffe master monster in town, along with a rareified Ghost, but the Vicious monster concept has returned as a Call Forward to Dragon Quest XI, and even appiles to monsters that went Malicious under Calasmos's influnce. I'd…

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EmicalFire055 EmicalFire055 24 September 2019


Well I just put in a bunch of links. Now I'm tired...

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Macdawg Macdawg 14 September 2019

Dragon Quest IV monster locations

I've seen the other Psaro/Estark minions don't have their locations known. So, here's a link to know which locations are which to be consistent with the times. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ds/942422-dragon-quest-iv-chapters-of-the-chosen/faqs/77653 Just read thorugh it, and you'll be all set. Happy editing!

Sorry, I've been a bit lazy on that bit. But I promise, I will get on the locations as soon as I can. The IT 15 (talk) 04:31, September 15, 2019 (UTC)

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Macdawg Macdawg 3 August 2019

Dragon Quest X Official Character localizations

From the Dragon Quest Illustrations book, I have proof of these names you may have saw once or twice. Well, here they are, so tell me what you think and a full sneak peak of Verison 5 was shown today. The contents of which may be...interesting. https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/topics/detail/b3f61131b6eceeb2b14835fa648a48ff/& https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/topics/detail/5dec707028b05bcbd3a1db5640f842c5/

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Tigali Tigali 8 July 2019

Dragon Quest Dice's Monster Artwork

Hey everyone! Whoa, never thought I'd write a blog post here. Anyway,

I don't know if you ever heard of Dragon Quest Itsudemo Bōken Dice. I hadn't until tonight.

It's a game that ran on special smartphones and is played by rolling dices. You get to roll them as a reward of your use of the smartphone.

Also, It's a game that uses no 3D models or sprites for monsters. Only legit artwork from Toriyama.

Some guy screencapped the entirety of the bestiary around here https://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/porkbitsbits/diary/?PageId=5 but the artwork while in the bestiary is very small. The artwork in combat can get way bigger. Like, that big: https://www.noelshack.com/2019-28-2-1562625015-duj6s-fvmaa8tlw-jpg-large.jpeg

That's where you come in. If you can try sea…

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Diamonddeath Diamonddeath 19 June 2019

Mobile Version Sprites

I just got into the series and beat 1 and 2 on mobile. I was wondering why this wiki lacks artwork such as sprites from the mobile versions.

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FnafFanBoy111 FnafFanBoy111 11 June 2019

Tell me all I need to know!

I know noting about Dragon Quest, but I am a super fan of Samsh Borthers. Can you plses tell me about the know carrates (like what is their actual names) and seend me to some usfule pages, Thank you.

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Macdawg Macdawg 7 June 2019

Dragon Quest Verison 5

Fellow Questers, Dragon Quest X Verison 5 is almost evenutally upon us, and there is news. There is a demon realm, new characters, and the Funghoul is reappearing in X. There MIGHT be hope for the Blood mummy, Crack-billed platypunk, Crocodog, Cruelcumber, Death scorpion, High djinks, Hyperpyrexion, Hyperanemon, Iron scorpion, Lump mage, Mandrake marauder, Mandrake monarch , Mottle she-slime, Mottle mendslime, Sluggerslaught, Tentacular, Terracotta warrior, Thwarthog, Ursa major, and Ursa mega, but we must also hope that Belly stick, Canaryanio, Pantomine, & Tubby dracky get new family members, while Morphean mushroom & Mushroom mage get in on the action. With that in mind, we hope the Gold grabber, Badonis, Ursa panda, Red mist, and other…

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Swordzmanp236 Swordzmanp236 18 May 2019

Heads up: Inconsistent use of case

The title of this post may be confusing to some, but let me assure you that this isn’t a wiki problem. Well, it was, but we’re trying to fix it.

I just want to put the word out there that Dragon Quest XI seems to be wildly inconsistent in its deployment of case.

  • Unless there’s already a proper name, monsters and items generally don’t get capped. In a shop or in menus, Title Case is applied.
  • In dialogue, the names of boss monsters do get capped. In battle, some do not.
  • Important items are rather hit or miss. Proper name conventions are followed, but after that, it’s a tossup.

It just doesn’t make sense to me to create a bunch of redirects for all the variations that could be possible. I’d like to propose that we use the most common occurrence wh…

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Swordzmanp236 Swordzmanp236 22 April 2019

Clearing up some things

OK, so Dragon Quest XI is a fantastic game. I’m not gonna lie here.

As I play the game mostly blind, let’s just say I’m finding a lot of inconsistencies in our coverage so far.

The Hero is the Luminary; the Luminary is the Hero. It’s both a title and the de facto name of the Hero. There’s not enough information on the title, so I propose merging the two. Both are separate and distinct from the recurring Luminary class.

I’m also trying to stitch together the various events without putting too much spoilage into the stories, but that’s just about impossible. The game is still new enough that everything is a spoiler. Therefore, spoiler tags must be deployed at all times. I’m a little concerned with the behavior of these tags, as they hide p…

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Macdawg Macdawg 21 January 2019

DQ Monster Artwork

Throughout the years, Akira Toriyama has blessed gamers and minion collectors with his artwork, both old and modern. And even when it couldn't be found through normal Internet means, it was plentiful in DQ Japanese Gaming Guides. But now, ever since the release of the Paradise Papers, Dragon Quest monster artwork production has hit a MASSIVE delince. So much, that it's rarely being shown in Japanese Dragon Quest Guides. Akira Toriyama's stuff had been hit by the Paradise Papers, as shown in this article: (https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2017/11/06/dragon-ball-author-named-in-paradise-papers-leak). It's a dark time for minion collectors and the VA, as we try to get artwork for monsters like Ursa panda*, Pilferer, Grey gordon, Wight b…

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Swordzmanp236 Swordzmanp236 20 September 2018

Under new ownership


Swordzman at your service. After a year and a half of vacancy, I've stepped in to the role formerly filled by a user named Ellis99, which means you might see some strange things going on. This was brought about by what I'll call an emergency: we've got a few solid editors doing the grind day in, day out; but none could manage the operational side of the Wiki because of the vacancy. So, on or about 6 months in, I started getting notices from the Wiki about adoption. I was thinking about it, but I know very little of the Dragon Quest universe save how to play. My edits were barely above 500, and I'm busy managing other things on other wikis. I didn't have much in the way of time to handle a project this massive.

But, around midyear 2…

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Hydrotoxinlaser Hydrotoxinlaser 15 July 2018


Dear Dragon Quest Wiki Team,

my name is Hydrotoxinlaser (Hydro 📢 (talk)Hydro) and i'm a collaborator from the german Dragon Quest Wiki.

I want to ask, if it is possible to agree upon a cooperation between your DQ Wikia and ours. 

That will mean, that we can exchange informations and screenshots. Some collaborators from us can help in your Wiki and inversly, so both sides have advantages.

If you have questions you can answer this user blog.


Hydro 📢 (talk)Hydro

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The IT 15 The IT 15 18 January 2018

Monster template directory

DQ1 = [[1]]

DQ2 = [[2]]

DQ3 = [[3]]

DQ4 = [[4]]

DQ5 = [[5]]

DQ6 = [[6]]

DQ7 = [[7]]

DQ8 = [[8]]

DQ9 = [[9]]

DQ10 = [[10]]

DQ11 = [[11]]
DQ11 Vicious = [[12]]
DQ11 Malicious = [[13]]

DWM = [[14]]

DO NOT alter without my permission.

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Lolkero Lolkero 1 October 2016

Dragon Quest VII 3DS Classes

I think we should have some people working on updating the class pages for DQ VII. It would help a lot of new players, as I can't find any guides that have the new class mastery milestones or the skills each level gets. I've added stuff for the Luminary class (I didn't keep track of most of the skills though) and the Mage Class.

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KamiOfWind KamiOfWind 14 January 2016

How I think we should go about infamous monsters.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I asked if I could add a page for every Infamous Monster in DQ8. I was told I could make a list. I was dissatisfied, but didn't try to change it.

Now here I am, a long time after that. I have a recommendation for how to go about these infamous monsters. No seperate pages will be needed. What I wanna do is: In the Dragon Quest VIII section of every page about a monster with an infamous version(s), we can add the info about said infamous monster(s).

This would be something like this:

Untamed name: Pain the the Neck

Tamed name: Sippy

Species: Dracky

((insert basic stats here))

Monster team combos: The Drack Pack

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Noreplyz Noreplyz 16 November 2015

Request for Bot Flag

Hurrah! Bot status was achieved.

Greetings, Dragon Quest community!

This forum thread is here to discuss the possible bot addition to the wiki for YogsBot. I was summoned by Ellis99 from the Community Central wiki and thought I'd help out.

  • 1 What’s the bot allowed to do?
  • 2 What does 'flagging' the bot mean?
  • 3 How does the bot work?
  • 4 What if it goes crazy?

I will follow all instructions by Ellis99.

It means that the bot's edits will not appear in Special:RecentChanges or Special:WikiActivity. Because of this, I'll make sure that all edits are documented (just in case of conflicts that might occur).

AutoWikiBrowser and other custom scripts.

An administrator can switch off the bot by blocking YogsBot. If you're not an administrator, you can contact the VSTF…

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Ellis99 Ellis99 19 October 2015

Talk Page to Message Wall?

A forum has been created to vote on the change, Forum:Admin/Ideas/Talk Page to Message Wall. Have your input and vote!

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Kingemocut Kingemocut 16 October 2015

DQH Livestream - Live Now.

Shilling my stream again, it can be found here or by typing in htp://www.twitch.tv/kingemocut

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Kingemocut Kingemocut 14 October 2015

Dragon Quest heroes livestream?


so, currently i'm waiting on the PSN store in europe to update so i can (hopefully) buy DQH. i should have enough money (most new games are £50) but if i do not then i will get enough money on my PSN account. when i do get DQH, however, i will be livestreaming it from my ps4 over on my twitch . 

EDIT: Aparently it's going up on friday (aka my birthday) so i'll be streaming it on the saturday and sunday then. well ****.

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Kingemocut Kingemocut 13 October 2015

i am so sorry

i've had so much to do IRL, that i've left my post as admin for so long. due to this, i would like to say a huge sorry. however, i will be soon 19, or a legal adult in my country for an entire year, so i will be (most likely) staying at home playing the new DQ heros game as much as i can. until then, or rather until i've beaten the entire game's story, 

below i will list everything i've done (or rather should have done and have not), and why, as well as what i've done outside of the wiki. is most of this excuses? yes. should i give up my position? probly. honestly, i was thinking of giving someone extra admin rights before i left for this looong hiatus. 

during april through june, i had a hellava lot of college work to do, so most of my time…

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KamiOfWind KamiOfWind 9 August 2015

Dunno if you guys are interested.

But I have made a dragon quest Fanon wiki...

Link. I am just telling you guys. I really wanna see what my fellow fans would like in the games...

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Ellis99 Ellis99 4 August 2015

News Blog

I have been debating with myself on maybe having a monthly news blog for this site. How do users feel.

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Ellis99 Ellis99 5 July 2015

VII & VIII - Western release to come!

Reports have been coming out left, right and center about VII & VIII being released in the Western market.

EDIT: A new monster for the remake of VIII has been leaked also.

EDIT 2: XI will be an offline game compared to X, were the player would need internet to continue with the game.

EDIT 3: In VIII, players can take pictures and also, there are new quests called "Photo Quests", were the player is tasked to take pictures of rare monsters and hidden items.

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SirCheesecake SirCheesecake 20 June 2015

Removing Catagories?

I, being not too bright, was adding a whole bunch of pages to catagories, when I added Gadrongo to the dragons catagory. Then, after checking on Dragon Quest IX, I found out he was, in fact, not a dragon. Is there anybody who's smarter than I am who knows how to remove pages from catagories?

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Ellis99 Ellis99 16 June 2015


As some pages are being separated and some merged together...

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Ellis99 Ellis99 6 June 2015


Dragon Quest Wiki is currently going through a revamp with categories to make it easier to search through when looking for weapons. That's all.

EDIT: 08/06/15 - 11:11 - Template:NotableEnemy is being added to boss pages. Treasure and Skills sections on Legacy Boss pages have been revamped.

EDIT 2: 09/06/15 - 16:47 - Remember, we have userboxes too! so customise your userpage to give it a good impression about yourself!

EDIT 3: 16/06/15 - 18:39 - Dragon Quest: Souten no Soura, the manga series, is being created.

EDIT 4: 16/06/15 - 19:39 - Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibōken is being separated in manga and anime pages so it can be differentiate.

EDIT 5: 17/06/15 - 09:58 - Navigation templates for other manga's are being created.

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J.J. Chambers J.J. Chambers 25 May 2015

VS Battles

Hello, everyone.


Can you join it? If you're interested in them, then here you go.

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Ellis99 Ellis99 13 May 2015

Dragon Quest VIII coming to 3DS... in Japan

Yes, that's right. Dragon Quest VIII is coming to 3DS in Japan on August 27 of this year. This makes all Dragon Quest games in the main series being on a handheld device in one country and all. Lets hope it comes overseas.

EDIT - 13:12: There will be a new scenario and new party members (a Thief called Red and Morrie, from Monster Battle Road)

EDIT 2 - 13:13: The Thief is a female and it will support StreetPass. Voiceovers will be in it too.

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Ellis99 Ellis99 10 May 2015

Abolish spoilers?

Recently, I have been thinking of the reason why we have the spoilers template. I understand that hiding info that proves vital to the games being hidden but, do we need them? Comment on your thoughts of abolishing the spoiler template.

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TheHungrySage TheHungrySage 27 April 2015

Sage's Monthly Update-Issue 1

Hey everyone, and welcome to Sage's monthly update! This is a post that will hopefully come out on a monthly basis and is a general update on where the wiki is, where the wiki is going, where we want the wiki to go and what we're doing about it. So, let's get into it!

So, where do we want to get? Well, below I've made a start on where I think we should be aiming for long-term.

1. Featuring the wiki. Featuring the wiki is an all-round benefit, as it advertises us on WIkia Central, which receives millions of visitors per day. To do this, we need to a) Have an accessible main page, which due to the efforts of Ellis99 we now have, and b) Cut down the number of stubs to 770 and the maximum.

2. Ressurecting the wiki chat. The wiki chat is a valuabl…

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Ellis99 Ellis99 23 April 2015


I have just created the first guidebook for the wiki, which is DQIX as I have it and will possibly create more on what info I can find on the others.

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Ellis99 Ellis99 5 April 2015

Notification - Demotion request

A request into the demotion of the highly inactive bureaucrat, Vivi Leonhart, has been put though. Users can support, be neutral or be against the idea by going to this page, here.

EDIT: Three more requests have been uploaded for the demotion for Pagoda, PantheonSasuke and Adan Aileron.

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Crazy1999 Crazy1999 5 April 2015

Dragon Quest's Walkthroughs needed

I believe we need more walkthroughs for the Dragon quest games I saw only 1 and Im wanting help with another :P I do not plan to make a walkthrough myself but I will if I have to...ill just need to edit it sometimes to add more stuff in since I still haven't beat the game 1 time yet.....

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Kingemocut Kingemocut 1 April 2015

sorry guys, but we're going to have to stop editing

seriously. due to new US laws, if we edit a wikia, we're breaking the law. the maximum fine is $50,000 and 20 years. do you want to have to worry about that?

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Kingemocut Kingemocut 24 March 2015

Well, i'm not gone, just got a lot on my plate

Hey all, Kingemocut 'ere. being an adult sucks. seriously, it sucks bad. 

Lemme explain.

Since september last year, i started a college course. the marking body, being so full of wisom that they are, changed the rules. now, to give them credit, their new changes are good for their perpose, but they do shaft those of us with learning disabilities. last (school) year, i was doing a different course, and i was able to resubmit my work as much as i could, now i can only officially resubmit it twice. and that SUCKS. so, long story short, TIFU (and by today i mean over the last two terms) and i've fell so far behind because of two different assignments that i'm happy i stratigically changed courses for the 4 A Level equivilents, because if i didn't …

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Ellis99 Ellis99 18 March 2015

Dragon Quest Monsters Wiki - Merge?

Due to the inactivity happening at Dragon Quest Monsters Wiki and the fact that that wiki has info on Monster, I feel that that wiki should merge with are's so this wiki can become bigger and better wiki for Dragon Quest fans all around.

Also, give your opinion in a comment too.

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TheHungrySage TheHungrySage 18 March 2015

Wiki divisions

Hiya everyone!

I've decided that I'm going to create som wiki divisions for us all. Essentially, it catergorizes users into groups depending on what their specialties are. So, without further ado, here it is!

Eternity Wizards: These people handle all of the spells and abilities

Masters-at-Arms: These people handle all of the weapon pages.

Guardians of Legend: These people handle all of the armour pages.

Sages of Science: These people handle all of the alchemy pages.

Gods of Infinite Benevolence: These people are the epic Gods of the wiki that bend space and time (they do                                                     formatting)

Well, here it is! Enjoy your fancy new name(s)!

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Daisy-ReeRules Daisy-ReeRules 15 March 2015

Hello again ^-^

Wow, it's been a few months, hasn't it? I've been meaning to come back here, but honestly I've become the queen of procrastination in everything.

and also Homestuck. Homestuck has a tendency to take over peoples' lives.

I'll get back to editing soon, but probably not today, seeing as it's Mother's Day. I may even do a quick runthrough of IX to refresh my memory on things, and perhaps actually play Joker. I've had it for months, but I don't think I made it past the first island...

Anyway, how are you guys?

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Ellis99 Ellis99 12 March 2015

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest

As you may already know, there is a game that is similar to Final Fantasies Theatrhythm coming out as Theatrhythm Dragon Quest.

This game is to be released in Japan soon but it would be nice to see it come here to the Western market.

What are you opinions on having it in the Western market? Do you want it to come or do you not? Vote on the poll below and comment on you opinion.

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