• Kingemocut

    welp, i've been being lazy, so... here's this, what i've been putting off. write what you'd add to the community in a blog post, and then in a week i'll add the poll (so that when i edit this blog previous submitions aren't recounted/lost).

    The results

    Ellis99: 2

    TheHungrySage: 4

    Congrats hungry, and bad luck ellis. might not become an admin, though you've got something coming soon for your hard work. 

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  • Ellis99

    Departments of...

    September 19, 2014 by Ellis99

    I have created a project where people deal in different games of DQ. Here is a list

    • Department of I - This department is for concentrating on stuff from DQI.
    • Department of II - This department is for concentrating on stuff from DQII.
    • Department of III - This department is for concentrating on stuff from DQIII.
    • Department of IV - This department is for concentrating on stuff from DQIV.
    • Department of V - This department is for concentrating on stuff from DQV.
    • Department of VI - This department is for concentrating on stuff from DQVI.
    • Department of VII - This department is for concentrating on stuff from DQVII.
    • Department of VIII - This department is for concentrating on stuff from DQVIII.
    • Department of IX - This department is for concentrating on stuff from …
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  • Kingemocut

    Demotions and promotions

    September 17, 2014 by Kingemocut

    well, time to stop being a lazy sod. this is in reguard to adminship of the inactive admins, as well as new guys that want to be admins. same sort of format as last time when you guys voted me as the admin xD. comment here about wanting to be an admin (even you ellis, to stop me forgetting about you wanting it so much xDXD) and why you would make a good admin.

    other then that, here's a list of all the admins that have been inactive for at LEAST a year [from sept 17, 2014):



    Vivi Leonhart

    results of the poll how many of these guys should be removed?:

    none = 0
    one = 0
    two = 0
    all = 4

    Breaking Benjamin?well, enjoy the silence. (my website) 02:08, October 8, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Ellis99


    September 16, 2014 by Ellis99

    I'm sad to say this but, this wiki is now DECEASED. Ellis99 CODE XANA 21:29, September 16, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Ellis99


    September 5, 2014 by Ellis99

    I propose that four of the Admins and Bureaus are demoted to normal users because they are less active than any other users on here. This shouldn't affect King.

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  • Kingemocut

    so, they made one. the video is here:

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  • Ellis99

    Fantasy Food Contest

    August 23, 2014 by Ellis99

    Hello everyone,

    Please support Poffins here [1].

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  • Kingemocut


    August 15, 2014 by Kingemocut

    so, as i promised, here's the poll about if we should affiliate with the Pokemon Wikia. i was a little hesitant to do this, because we already are a part of the JRPGs Wiki collection, which includes Pokemon, and they\re shown there already, so... yeah..

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  • Kingemocut

    after scrolling around the wikia features, i found the ability to make interactive maps, for both real and fictional places! this could be a real use for us, as it could make an interactive map of each world/dungeon, and instead of having to look at multiple images, just look at and read from one! should we add it?

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  • Kingemocut

    recently, wikia has added the option for creating templates in Lua, a freeware, medium-level (to learn) scripting language, used in anything from games (roblox is a well known one, as well as Angry birds, Garry's mod etc.) to Software (such as VLC Media Player [a great freeware alternative the Windows media player] and Teamspeak, [a freeware, VoIP [voicechat] software]. It would help those that create templates work in a better inviroment for adding what they'd want, but it can also be a powerful tool for trolls, if they know Lua.

    this bog post is gonna ask YOU if you think we should add Lua support to our wikia, or not.

    the ask me later one is there if you're unsure, but you want to see how other wikias that use Lua turn out.

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  • Kingemocut

    Admin demotion time?

    August 6, 2014 by Kingemocut

    i wanna know what you guys think. should we demote some of the admins that are often away from the wiki, and if so, who should take their place? i won't make a thread about who to demote, or who will take their place just yet, but i wanna know. should we?

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  • Daisy-ReeRules


    August 5, 2014 by Daisy-ReeRules

    First off, I'd like to apologise for being away for at least two weeks. I've been on holiday.

    The best thing about that holiday? I found DQM: Joker in some game store! I've literally just started it and I'm leaving the title screen playing...that music's beginning to get annoying., how do I play it? o.o

    Has anything new been going on with you guys?

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  • Ellis99

    Project Social Media

    August 4, 2014 by Ellis99

    Project Social Media is a project of expanding this Wikia into social media.

    This project would benefit this Wikia by enticing people to join this site and contribute to it, with it, people can like or follow this site as fans.

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  • Raised By Wolves

    If you sign this petiton , we can possibly localize Dragon Quest 7 and 10. Come on, we have 9 so why not the other two? Come on, DQ fans! We can do it!

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  • Kingemocut

    recently i got a message from The Neptunia wikia founder requesting an affiliation. i have since replied and said i'll have to ask you gueys about it. now, this could mean a few things.

    1) More editors!

    we could get some more editors to help out with our lacking pages, and some of our editors could end up possibly doing the same.

    2) Free advertising!

    This goes hand in hand with the more editors note, but we could help expand our helping viewership, meaning we'll be helping out more people.




    Profit! (notrly, unless you count the extra users as a profit :P)

    Anyway, here's da poll. At the end of the poll, the results were

    3 yes

    0 no

    0 maybe

    1 other (sorry Ellis99 )

    so, it looks like we're gonna affiliate. next up, the pokemon wikia on another blo…

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  • Daisy-ReeRules

    After seeing Kingemocut's post about revamping the homepage, I had a little look through it. I clicked on the community portal, then projects. As some of you may know, I'm currently editing most equipment articles and giving them more information. The project's page lists Pagoda as the project leader, however, he has left the wiki (as far as I know). Could we possibly change the project leader, as any new editors that try to contact him won't receive a reply. Of course, this goes for all projects with inactive leaders, not just equipment.

    Please see here for the project in question. I added myself to contributors.

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  • Daisy-ReeRules

    At the time of typing this, it's 6:34am. So my writing's going to be a little sloppy/nonsensical.

    Well, I haven't been here for a while. Matter of fact, I haven't been on ANY wikis recently, unless you count that small edit I made on Morganville Vampires...but that was a grammar mistake...>_<

    How've you all been? I see there are some new people...hello dere ;)

    EDIT: I'm no longer troubled by hackers at all. I spoke to her on another site and she said she'd changed. Not that I believed her, but that was a couple of months ago and nothing's happened (that I'm aware of) and she hasn't been on the site linked in my profile. At all. So I think I'm safe. Besides, I changed my registered email so that she can't access it. Woo hoo.

    EDIT 2: I'm off to …

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  • Kingemocut

    Hey, you ever wanted to talk to me? if you do, well i'll be on a TS3 server i use often! for a surefire way to get to the TS3 server, go to and use their ts3 link. i'm in the "Death Succibus" category! 

    i forgot to add this but i also have a skype. it's Kingemocut, go figure :P

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  • Kingemocut

    Stynsil stuff

    May 7, 2014 by Kingemocut

    Hey, Kingemocut 'ere. i'm gonna be getting Stynsil on my home PC again, and i've got a small idea for a flash game using the DQ sprites i've got from spriters resourse, so... more info soon :P

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  • Kingemocut

    Hey, Kingemocut here again! this blog post is about a few things happening right now in my life, as well as a few things i feel might help us out as a collective

    So, i've just passed my first A-level; in games development, and in september i'm going to transpher to a Software development course! i wish i could say this means i have more time here, but sadly it doesn't, i've still gotta go to college (due to moneitary reasons....) i've also recently been viewing a lot of code lyoko, and i've finished the entire animated-only side! i'm questioning if i want to watch Evolution, but that's just me wanting to be a nostalgia fan *cough cough*.

    Also, i've been viewing Spriters Resource , they have a few useful things about DQ, and i made a gif too …

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  • Kingemocut

    just 3 images of update 13 that broke warframe, to use on their offical forums, nohing much to see here :P

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  • Kingemocut

    Hello, people of this magnificent wikia. this is Kingemocut, and i'd like to ask something of us all.

    I wanna keep this nice and short, but i don't want anyone to take offence. please, can we, as a wikia, try and stubbify every short page, and as we go through each one, see if we can combine, or at least delete, some of the unnecicary pages? i prepose going through every page up to 100KB size at first, and just stub them, or even just up to 10 KB. even if we go slowly, and do only 5/6 a day, each of us, by the end of this year we should have done all 3,710 pages. that means, when Dragon Quest 11 comes out, or even a spinoff, those coming to our wikia will not be like "Y deos dis has so little infosh?", and it also helps us know what we have…

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  • Felding

    Laptop Troubles

    March 24, 2014 by Felding

    Short story.

    Kaspersky expired yesterday. I tried to renew it. Failed. Used more credit cards. Failed. Called Geek Squad today. Had a three-way call with some guy who I could barely understand. The other person was a very nice lady .I need to hand over my system to the store tomorrow. I won't know when I'll get it back until tomorrow.

    See ya when I get it back!

    It somehow renewed itself... Guess I'm back!

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  • Felding

    Breeding Troubles Part I

    March 18, 2014 by Felding

    This is being recreated for both the GreatTree and GreatLog games.

    Expect updates in the near future.

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  • Shaun.henderson.589
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  • Carol of the bells

    So....a lot of people--meaning two so far--have been posting neat stories about their parties on their quest. So I thought, 'hey, why not?' So here's mine...yeah.

    Here are my party's stats real quick:

    Zirin (Main character): paladin, lvl 60

    Rinji: armamentalist, lvl 55

    Yuki: sage, lvl 58

    Te'ijo: warrior, lvl 79

    Okay, here we go!

    "Wah! It's so tall!" Zirin mused, eyes wide as she tried to follow the tower up with her eyes.

    Rinji scratched his head, uncertain. "Um, are we still sure we want to do this? I mean, there could be legions of monsters in there..."

    Yuki smirked. "Scared?"

    "Shut up! I'm just being cautious!" He snapped. He turned to Te'ijo for support. "Right, Te'ijo?"

    Te'ijo sighed. "Zirin, what do you want to do?"

    The blue-haired celestrian th…

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  • Daisy-ReeRules

    Well, there was the whole hacker business and everything, but I managed to get my account back and...yeah. :3 I'll hopefully begin editing ASAP.

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  • Bluemist9999

    Many months had passed for Dora, Chester, Bob and Chris, and an endless parade of dank caves, forbidding ruins and such blurred in their memories.  

    Now, they slowly walked towards a staircase, while around them, a suffocating silence swept the entire cave.

    Chester glanced around and whispered "Why are all of the monsters so silent?"

    Bob grinned and said "Because they fear our awesomeness."

    Dora rolled her eyes and said "You never quit, do you?"

    Chris whispered to Chester "He does this when he's nervous."

    Bob snapped "I heard that!  I am not nervous," as his small sword slipped from his fingers.  He knelt to pick it up and added "Must be all the moisture in the cave."

    Dora chuckled and said "Well, let's go."

    They all descended the staircase.  As t…

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  • TheHungrySage

    Fan Fiction story

    February 12, 2014 by TheHungrySage

    Just something I wrote the other day.

    -In the core of the Quarantomb, postgame, with two young heroes, Hellai (HELL-ai) and Yhere (YEER).

    -Walking along, come to the scene where the hero battled the Ragin’ Contagion, Hellai trips over a metal plate-

    Hellai: “What is this?”

    Yhere: “Is that writing on it? What does it say?”

    -Hellai crouches over and begins to read out the inscription-

    Hellai: “Beware the metallic…curse?”

    Yhere: “What does that mea”-

    -Yhere is suddenly interrupted by the sound of rapid footsteps and ragged breathing, coming from the figure of a middle-aged man-

    Mystery Man: “Why are you in here? It doesn’t matter. Get out, before it claims you too!”

    -The two companions begin to back up, away from the man, but stop in horror as the man tr…

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  • Carol of the bells

    That was easy...

    February 4, 2014 by Carol of the bells

    So I have Baramos' boss map.

    My party is lvl 60-70.

    But I was too chicken to try, 'cause I thought I would die. *rhyme not intended*

    But I was bored. So I did it anyway, knowing I would die.


    I beat him in six turns, and got the rare treasure.


    So I just kind of sat there like, "That was easy..."

    So fact, it was slightly dissapointing.

    But hey, I'm not complaining!

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  • Jet Matthews the Psycho

    Hey all.

    December 23, 2013 by Jet Matthews the Psycho

    In case you were wondering, this is Daisy. I kept getting hacked, so I made a new account. I can't go anywhere now on my old account without my edits getting changed. Luckily the hacker hasn't changed anything on here.

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  • Ellis99


    December 23, 2013 by Ellis99

    As a thought but, is there anyway to demote the admins who haven't been on here for ages and instate new admin with a max of 8. Just a suggestion.

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  • Daisy-ReeRules

    Creepy conspiracy theories...I'm so loving them!

    Stella: -sharpening knives in the back of S.E-

    Hero: -walks in, silent as usual-

    Stella: -hides knives- Oh, er, hello there, xxx! Didn't expect to see you here! Want a cookie? Sterling's got some?

    Hero: -not fooled-

    Stella- Hey, look over there! Is that... HOOTINGHAM-GORE? AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!! Okay, I've got it under control...

    Hero: -looks away-

    Stella: -evil grin, comes towards the hero-

    Hero: D:

    Stella: -kills the Hero-

    Hero: X.X

    Sterling: What's goin' on 'ere?

    Stella: I kinda killed the hero...oops.

    Sterling: Hehe. Hehehehe. HEHEHEHEHE. -collapses with laughter-

    Stella: WTF.

    A.N.: This isn't a conspiracy theory really, just a bit of a laugh that I thought I'd put on here. It's perfectly plausible real…

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  • Daisy-ReeRules

    This template:

    is kinda confusing to set out (I just put hi to make it show up, and if you want to see how complicated it is just look at the history) , and besides you'd have to change all the headers to certain traits equipment have. So, yeah, should we make one specifically for weapons and equipment? Rather than all that typing, we could paste the above template, then edit it and publish it as an individual template. Sound good?

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  • JrTheDragon01

    After having searched around a bit for stuff and being utterly confused when it has not been there, having not used this wiki for a good 5 months and somebadly written pages have still not been sorted, I have decided we need to organise.

    Firstly, I think we should work together to come up with comprehensive lists of Items, Monsters, Quests and Abilities in the games before coming up with a basic structure that should go in every entry for each of those things, along with whatever anyone chooses to write with them.

    Furthermore there should be better ways to organise things - more categories. It might be useful to have a complete list of items that, for example, boost the Agility attributes, or abilities that raise tension, or items with a sec…

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  • Daisy-ReeRules

    I just got an AR

    November 8, 2013 by Daisy-ReeRules

    So yeah... I'll be able to get info a lot easier now :D 'Cuz I enabled infinite skill points and exp multiplier x128, so I can learn eye for trouble and get to lv99 on every vocation :P I also did 1-hit kill, which is funny because even if you attack an LMS and it misses, it says LMS is defeated even though it's still stood there...XD

    I've beaten 2 Elusids (1 without AR), and I did have eye for trouble on it but I accidentally removed the game and lost a dang load of data...ughhhhhh I'm so stupid

    EDIT: I also just enabled 'All Weapons', so I'll be able to get a good bit of info on all weapons. I'll be getting all shields, armour, etc soon...just it takes ages to type just one code :/

    EDIT: Right. I've got all equipment, all extra quests, all v…

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  • Daisy-ReeRules

    Weapon pages

    November 3, 2013 by Daisy-ReeRules

    I've seen a few weapon pages, and all they say are the name, description and rarity. We should include buy and sell price, alchemy recipe (if there is one), stats (e.g. Attack: 65) and a picture of it. People look at the weapon pages to decide whether to buy that or not. The least we can do is give them some actual information.

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  • Daisy-ReeRules

    Designing monsters

    October 29, 2013 by Daisy-ReeRules

    Okay, so I've been staring at the DQ9 bestiary for a while and wondering what monsters people would design. We could create our own bestiary or something. You can either do your own original design or a palette swap of an existing monster.

    Example #1: Jellylegs looks like Mike from Monsters University without braces and legs made of lime green jelly. They can use the spells Crackle, Sap and Frizz.

    Example #2: Heptagoon is an orange palette swap of the Hexagoon. It can send rubble raining down and cast Kafrizz and Inferno. It is weak to wind magic such as Kaswoosh.

    As suggested by King, we'll call our own bestiary the Monstary.

    That's the finished template by King.

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  • Kingemocut

    Hello, all admin candidates, this blog post is a small update. There is less than 7 days to go until the admin will be chosen, and it's a very close contest. Current scores (at time of post) are as follows:

    Kingemocut with 4 votes,

    Daisy-ReeRules with 4 votes,

    and Ellis99 with 3 votes.

    If you haven't voted yet, then your vote could drastically change who wins, or if it's a 3 way tie. you can vote here

    The best of luck to the candidates, and I wish you well :)

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  • Bluemist9999

    Dora, Chris, Bob and Chester crept slowly down the damp hall, treading lightly through the water.  The cave was brightly lit, but the constant twists and turns kept them from seeing very far ahead.

    Bob turned to Chris and said "I'm getting restless here.  We haven't seen much."

    Just then, a large shiny grey blob rolled around the corridor.  It grinned confidently and wore a crown.

    Chris stared in shock and said "My God, it's---"

    Dora put her hand on Chris's mouth and said "Ssssh.  They scare easily."

    Bob drew his sword and raced toward the large blob.

    Chester sighed and said "So much for a surprise attack."  He drew his wand and marched forward.

    Dora shrugged and took her spear out.

    Bob sliced boldly with his sword, but watched it bounce off.  He …

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  • Ellis99

    Admin Results

    October 2, 2013 by Ellis99

    Just a short piece. Does anyone know when the results for the new admin will be in.

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  • Bluemist9999

    Crisis of Faith

    October 1, 2013 by Bluemist9999

    (This is based on my current party --- a Level 70 (1 revocation) Gladiator - Main charcter named Chris, a Level 72 (1 revocation from Gladiator) Martial Artist named Bob, a Level 70 (1 revocation from Priest) Gladiator named Dora, and a Level 78 (1 revocation) Sage named Chester)

    NOTE: This WILL contain some spoilers if you have not finished the main plot!

    I sat down near the slowly crackling fire for warmth, as we crowded close, huddling over some dusty parchment Chester recently received from a castle.  

    "Well, Chester, you've had those for days now.  Do they say anything interesting?"

    He glanced up, shrugged and replied "They mention something about Zenus."

    My ears perked up.  After all, I've been searching for enlightenment from the divine …

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  • Kingemocut

    Hi, you guys know me, i don't really need to introduce myself, but this is for college, so if you help, it's greatly appreciated.

    So, this Blog Post is asking for any of the following, if you help out, it'd help me a lot. the game will be on my Kongregate, so if you have any help ideas, that'd be great.

    (More Later)

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  • Daisy-ReeRules

    DQIX Diaries, ep. 2

    September 30, 2013 by Daisy-ReeRules

    So glad the first episode received a good response! So, for all my lovely fans, here is ep. 2. If you didn't guess that, then you won't be able to understand my trademark sarcasm. XD Anyway, onto the Wight Knight!

    After introducing myself to my new party members- Luna, Scarlett and Zoe Yep, my team members. Well, I'm not about to make up new ones just for this, am I? - we set off to the King's castle in the hope that we'd be able to lend our services in some way to collect benevolessence, which I could no longer see. ,y eyes to the Celestrian world were those of an annoying faerie named Stella. Whoopee. Anyway, a guard stopped us and asked us if we were here to volunteer to defeat the Wight Knight. Who the heck is he? I thought, but smiled pol…

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  • Daisy-ReeRules

    As you've probably gathered, I haven't beat DQIX yet, or got any other games. So what I'd like is for y'all to help me gather info.

    I'll add/ remove monsters, as info is found and I find another page that needs info. Obviously, I'll be helping; might even be getting DQVII for Xmas :D

    • Slemperor
    • Digong
    • Vampire cat
    • Egdracil
    • Atlas- he's missing a lot of info for such a famous monster.
    • Khalamari kid
    • Night wisp
    • Eyelasher
    • Snow Queen
    • Divinegon
    • Epipany
    • Phantaseyes
    • Gas
    • Sea Angel
    • Duran

    Going Trauminator-hunting soon, if I can beat him I'll try and find Atlas too. If not, I'll grind until I manage to beat him.

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  • Daisy-ReeRules

    My DQIX Team

    September 29, 2013 by Daisy-ReeRules

    Well, since my team is so awesome (not) I thought you'd want to know about them. XD


    The mortal sentinel, ex-Celestrian, you'd think she'd be quite strong. But actually, she's the third strongest attack-wise. THIRD!!! No, I'm not kidding. Minstrels are horrible, so she isn't getting revocation. She is gonna be...Uhhh... I'll get back to you on that. Anyway, she has red hair tied up in one of those frizzy ponytails or whatever they are, blue eyes and she's medium height, I think. Currently, I've been training her in Minstrel (lv 49), Martial Artist (lv 9), Priest (idk) and maybe another category or two.

    Currently, she's a minstrel with: a Fire Blade, Silver Shield, Dragon Warrior Helm, Sacred Armour, Dragon Warrior Gloves, Dragon Warrior …

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  • Daisy-ReeRules

    The DQIX Diaries

    September 29, 2013 by Daisy-ReeRules

    Hey. I've decided to do a little series of blogs called 'the DQIX Diaries' (duh, it's the name of the blog.). It's gonna revolve mainly around the bosses of the game and will contain (hopefully) helpful tips on how to beat them. Leave a comment for which grotto bosses you'd like to see. It'll be all the story bosses, then the grotto bosses and Quest bosses and legacy bosses after that. Just bear in mind I've not beaten three grotto bosses because I can't find Nemean, and Baramos keeps beating me to death. But I should have beaten him by the time I get onto him. If worse comes to worst, I'll look up strategies on the Internet and post them here.

    So, I'd reached the end of the Hexagon. Sure enough, Patty was there, trapped under some rocks th…

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  • Ellis99

    Dragon Quest Wiki Reform

    September 16, 2013 by Ellis99

    I think this website needs to be reformed, so we have everything up to date and new admins, as well as have formats on each page to make them similar, but with different info on monsters.

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  • Daisy-ReeRules

    Two haven't logged in since 2010 .-. And the other two are probably reading this post and are online RIGHT NOW. XD

    So, basically we have two active admins. TWO. .-. I think we need more.

    Anyone else think so?

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  • Carol of the bells

    Favorite boss

    September 11, 2013 by Carol of the bells

    What's your favorite boss? Story/grotto, whichever.

    Mine is Sir's his name again?

    The knight dude in red armor who screams about blood and all that....

    Yeah, anyway, I'd love to hear your favorite!

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