Luminary Question

    August 23, 2012 by SCARABALPHA

    I have been confused about this for a while, so I was wondering how it worked. The gold rush and autograph abilites both involve gold coins, so I was wondering if the take away money from you, or the monster.

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  • Dana412

    Weird Grotto appeared!

    August 19, 2012 by Dana412

    This is a true history... lol

    OK. This morning I completed my favorite Treasure Map, Emerald Ruins of Gloom lvl. 88. Wrecks gaved me a Grotto called "Diamond Ruins of Gloom lvl. 74", who is in an island near Gleeba. So I just went exploring that Grotto because I though it was going to be funny.

    And it was funny. And weird.

    The grotto starts with Octagoons, Darkonium Slimes, Sluggerslaughs, Barbatos and Gem Jamborees. 8 Rank Monsters, yeah. It contains some good chests, as A and B Rank Chests. But the best is yet to come...

    At floor 10, there was nothing. Yes. The floor was huge, empty... And empty. There were no monsters. Usually I found Boa Bishops, Cyber Spiders, Cheeky Teakys, Alarmours and Sluggerslaughs, the 10 Rank Monsters. But that flo…

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  • Dana412

    This is what boring does.

    Yesterday I was about to loose a fight with the Grotto Greygnarl (Priest&Mage killed, 1 Yggdrasil Leaf left), and I discovered some kind of strategy...

    First, Greygnarl gets enraged by anyone who uses Zing or Kazing. My Minstrel was with full HP (730, mastered with Skills), so I casted Zing on my Priest. It worked, and like I said, Greygnarl getted enraged by my Minstrel. That let me to use the Yggdrasil leaf and Omniheal with my Priest (look, the Warrior was about 80/710HP and the Priest with 113/423 and she had lots of MP, and Multiheal wasn't enough).

    Magic Bursts: Before casting a Magic Burst, Greygnarl uses an ability that increases his attack, defence and agility a little. Exactly after that, he uses the Magic Burst w…

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  • Questersrester32


    August 12, 2012 by Questersrester32

    Is the luminary class any good? I just unlocked and I want to know if it's worth my time. Thanks.

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  • MechaRoboDroid


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  • Dana412

    So yesterday I finally meeted the Grotto Greygnarl, and defeated him.

    Then I decided to make a Grotto Boss Guide, but this maybe contains spoilers... So watch out.

    Grotto Boss #1: Equinox

    When we complete Quest 15, we get our first Treasure Map, Granite Tunnel of Woe lvl1. In that Map, the final boss is Equinox, our first Grotto Boss.

    Equinox is about 1800HP, and it's able to cast Lightning Storm, Weakening Wave, Wave of Panic, Eerie Light and Dark Breath. Also, he's able to sometimes attack twice per turn.

    He can drop: Dragontail Whip, with a 10% chance, Dragon Scale, with a 10% chance, and Vesta gauntlets, part of the legendary set, with a ridiculous 2%.

    He gives 1000 Experience points and 2000 Gold Coins.

    Grotto Boss #2: Nemean

    Our second Grott…

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    Character Costumes

    August 8, 2012 by SCARABALPHA

    Once you connect to the DQVC in DQIX, and get the special guests at the inn, you talk to them and get one or two pieces of their equipment. So I was wondering, if to get the rest of it, you had to do something, or if you had to buy the rest from the DQVC. If someone could answer this I would be very happy.

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Here, I'll talk about the vocations and how to use/misuse them and their pros and cons. First up, the Minstrel.

    How to read:

    LRW - Least Recommended weapon

    RW - Recommended weapon

    CDG- Coup De Grace

    Minstrel: Minstrel, you can't really go wrong with this one. But how you can is.....

    Recommended weapon: Sword. Gigaslash works well thanks to Minstrels' nice MM (Magical Might).

    Least recommended weapon: Fans. Doesn't bring out the full potential of their locked might.

    Good time to use Coup-De-Grace (CDG): When with critical HP. Easier to avoid hits, thus lasting longer in the field.

    • A Priest's backup
    • Zinger
    • MP attacker
    • Everything!

    The pros of this vocation are....

    1. All stats raise
    2. It's available early in the game
    3. Their unique skill set raises different stats …

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  • Questersrester32

    Close call

    August 2, 2012 by Questersrester32

    I had gotten to the final form of King Godwyn, both my Gladiator and my mage out, so I just had my priest. My main character died the turn before, and I knew I was going to die, so I thought I would get in one more shot. I had my priest use Mercurial Thrust on Godwyn, it did one damage...and I killed him! I was laughing for a while after that.

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Lately, I've been slacking on my Storyline work. But now I've done that and more. I've had 6 stories to make up from today, and I've done 7. Is everyone else keeping up fine?

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    July 30, 2012 by SCARABALPHA

    I recently revocated my MC, who was a minstril, and I found that in battle against strong enemies he has been close to useless. This is annoying because I have been trying to get Murdaws map from Baramos, and the battles have been dragging out. Anyway, the current strongest member of my team is a Level 77 sage, and she keeps the rest of my party alive. Once I get her to Level 99 I am reluctant to revocate her, since that will leave my party crippled. I have another sage, but he is only leveled up in the sage vocation, and I am worried he lacks the backbone to support a party. Any advice?

    (P.S. The rest of my party is a level 68 gladiator, and a level 50 sage)

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  • Dana412

    DQIX - Team Building

    July 30, 2012 by Dana412

    Finally, here's my supreme guide for correct Team Building in Dragon Quest IX. It took me a lot of planning, but I finally made one of these. Here I go.

    DQIX Team Building Guide by Dana412

    Part 1: Members

    At Stornway's Inn, you can select the number of members you would like to have in your team, just by talking to Patty. It is recommended that your first team consists in:

    Warrior: Good damage dealers with high attack/defence. Later, when you unlock the Gladiator vocation, you can change them to Gladiators. Also, high HP.

    Priest: Good healers, lots of healing spells and high Magical Mending. If you unlock the Sage vocation you can switch them to Sages and level them to lv 45 for learning Kazing. Pretty high MP.

    The 4th member can be anyone you wan…

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Recently I saw someone edited the Alchemy section to say a bad word.

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  • Dana412

    How I owned Baramos

    July 29, 2012 by Dana412

    So yesterday I completed Quest 62 and obtained Baramos's Map. I picked up Yggdrasil Leafs for everyone, with some Yggdrasil Jews obtained in another Quest (it was Quest 40, if I remember)

    Baramos is an easy guy if you have high defence and level.


    1st Turn: Dana: Magic Mirror - Josh: Multithrust - Kelly: Right as Rain - Sylvia: Bounce

    2nd Turn: Dana: Falcon Slash with UFB equipped - Josh: Multithrust - Kelly: Healing - Sylvia: Oomph on Dana

    3rd Turn: Dana: Falcon Slash - Josh: Multithrust - Kelly: Healing - Sylvia: Oomph on Josh

    4th Turn: Dana: Falcon Slash - Josh: Multithrust - Kelly: Attack, because in 3rd turn I was able to block a Critical Hit with 'Secrets of the Shield…

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  • Dana412

    Dana's DQ9 Team

    July 28, 2012 by Dana412

    [UPDATED] My team is back. And they are pretty good.

    Dana: Lvl. 99 Minstrel/Lvl. 52 Gladiator. 1 time revocated. UFB/Erdrick's Shield/Erdrick's Helmet/Erdrick's Armor/Erdrick's Gauntlets/Immortal Trousers/Liquid Metal Slime Boots/Catholicon Ring

    100 Sword Skill, 100 Shield Skill, 100 Litheness Skill, 100 Fource Skill, 100 Virtue Skill, 100 Courage Skill, 100 Guts Skill, 100 Focus Skill, 42 Acquisitiveness Skill and 32 Je Ne Sais Quoi Skill

    Josh: Lvl 99 Warrior/Lvl 48 Paladin. No revocations. Liquid Metal Spear/Psyche Swiper/Metal King Helm/Metal King Armour/Liquid Metal Slime Gloves/Sturdy Slacks/Alianah Boots/Meteorite Bracer

    100 Spear Skill, 100 Courage Skill, 100 Virtue Skill, 100 Guts Skill, 38 Acquisitiveness Skill, 20 Sword Skill

    Kelly: Lvl …

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  • Dana412

    Metal Slime Guide

    July 27, 2012 by Dana412

    Dragon Quest IX - Metal Slime Guide

    In this post I will explain every Metal Slime type, information about them, and how to defeat them. I have defeated every Metal Slime type, and I was bored so I do this:

    Metal Slime [4096 exp.] Lvl's 10-20

    The very first MS type. This tiny, silver slimes can be found on Quarantomb before beating the game, and in Angel Falls' Slime Hill after beating. MS have around 3-4HP, unlimited MP and both high defence/agility, but their attack is low. They can use Frizz spell.

    Strategy: If anyone of your team can equip a sword and have learned Metal Slash (13 Skill Poins on Sword), use it. It deals about 2 damage poins to the Metal Slime. If they flee, do another researh around the Quarantomb/Slime Hill for searching for…

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  • Marioman22

    Website dats awesome

    July 27, 2012 by Marioman22

    HEY everyone theres this website that tells you how to synth every(almost) monster just type dragon quest monsters joker synthesis chart (or list)

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  • BrewersWS

    To Pavmeister

    July 27, 2012 by BrewersWS

    I would love to take a crack at the links and other stuff, but I might be busy with Kingdoms of Alumar

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  • BrewersWS


    July 27, 2012 by BrewersWS

    Hey guys, I'm new here but not to Dragon Quest games. I've been playing ever since Dragon Quest Monster Joker, and currently own 2 copies of DQ9 DQM DQM2 DQ4 and DQ6 (all DS) So I have a vast knowledge on all of those and games and cant wait for DQ10 to come out

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  • Raised By Wolves

    I will be editing enriched versions of the towns and cities stories of Dragon Quest IX.

    So far I have completed Angel Falls - Stornway + Swinedimples Academy + Wormwood (Wyrmward) Creek.

    Next is Coffinwell which I will get on to maybe tomorrow or today.

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  • Pavmeister

    Official Member List

    July 25, 2012 by Pavmeister

    This is the official list of our active members and editors of the site, listing their areas of strength and/or weaknesses. If you need an area edited, these are the people to contact.

    If you are a fairly active member, please drop a comment saying the following. I will add you to the list so you can be contacted if your assistance is needed.

    1. How active you are, and if you can be called upon to help.

    2. Your area of expertice or weaknesses

    (Ex.: "I've been playing Dragon Quest since DQII, and have a large general knowledge of all things Dragon Quest, however I cannot speak English" or "I'm new to the series and don't know much except DQMJ2, however I'm excellent at link posting and that technical stuff Pavmeister hates.")

    3. Where to contact …

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Hello, it's me Gladiator, bringing you the latest of my DQIX game! PS. I'm a girl.

    Let's interview my MC about this "Fowleye" person:

    1. Was this battle hard?

    A. It was fairly easy, but his constant Kaswooshle's did hurt.

    2. How hard?

    A. Well, everyone has boosts from the Paladin Vocation and full Courage, so we had very high Reslillecne and HP. So it was easy.

    3. Now, how hard did you hit?

    A. Probably 750 every turn with my trusted UFB and Alyssa's Oomph.

    Now that we've interviewed the MC, let's move on the the Mage, Alyssa.

    1. Was this battle hard?

    A. Yes, it was. I have low defense and HP so it was harder for me than others. But I toughed it out, thanks to [MC], because he always uses Selflessness and Whipping Boy.

    2. Did Fowleye hit hard?

    A. Umm..…

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Easy Seeds

    July 21, 2012 by Raised By Wolves

    How can I easily get Seeds of Strength/ Defence/ Life etc.?

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    Alot of people have been arguing about which is better, the slime hill or the bowhole. Here is my take on the conflict.

    Slime Hill: The slime hill is good if all your after is metal slimes and LMS. This can be frustating, though, because the amount of metals spawned in changes, so some days you'll have better luck than others. The enemies on the slime hill are easy, and don't give enough XP to be worth fighting.

    Bowhole: The bowhole is good if you want to fight monsters along with the occasional LMS. The monsters there give a good amount of XP, but the bowhole is bad if you are just hunting LMS. The only plus is that you do not have to beat the game to go there, and is helpful if you are trying to level to fight Corvus.

    Grottos are also good …

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Grotto Dilemma

    July 18, 2012 by Raised By Wolves

    I battle Equinox 7 times, Nemean 6 times. And I was trying to get a Shogum map to get the Hexite. I find this Level 24 Grotto and found some random (And terribly easy) boss called the Trauminator. AND I STILL CAN'T FIND A STUPID SHOGUM MAP!!!

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  • Lord Carlisle

    DARN IT!

    July 7, 2012 by Lord Carlisle

    I decided to try my hand at defeating Estark, even though I'm tragically underleveled. Aside from one level 99, I've got a party in the mid 60's. I knew I was probably doomed. Miraculously, I had the ability to use a Co-op de Grace, but it turned out that I had used Critical Claim with my warrior beforehand, destroying my chance... IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING.

    And to think I could've used Quadraslash to destroy Estark...

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Sorry about changing my team so much, I can't handle the same team for long.

    Crystal (Me): Gladiator LV. 99 +10, holding an Uber Falcon Blade. Staying Glad with Gladiator.

    Alyssa: Mage LV. 99 +10, holding a Dynamo Dagger. What can I say? I'm prone to Alchemiracles.

    Ethan: Paladin LV. 99 +3, holding a UFB. 100 Skill points in Virtue now? Challenge Accepted >:D.

    Terri: Sage LV. 99 +3, holding a Seraph's Bow. Okay, so I did a couple revocations with the newbies to help with investing skill points in their new weapons.

    Bosses I've beaten:

    All Main Story bosses + Second Lleviathan

    I've beaten Yore, Rover, Tyrannasaura Wrecks and Nodoph now.

    Grottoes I've beaten:

    Equinox (7)

    Nemean (6)

    Shogum (10)

    Trauminator (7)

    Elusid (4)

    Sir Sanguinus (5)

    Atlas (6)

    Hammibal …

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  • Raised By Wolves

    "Oi, what do ya think you're doing there huh?", a voice said. "Well, answer me weirdo!", the voice said again. Luke turned around to see the face of a boy. He looked around him. It was his village that Aquila had gave him to be the guardian of. This boy, Ivor, must be talking to someone else. Then another boy taps him. He turns around. It's Hugo, Ivor's friend. "I think Ivor wants to talk to you, Luke.", he says. (Well now, how did he see me? And how did Ivor see me? This sure is odd...). "Look at him, Hugo, he's just some so-called Paladin, coming around after the earthquake, crashing down the waterfall. Then he has some bumps and bruises and is probably saying his name is Luke, the same as our guardian's name, to wow Erinn!", Ivor speeche…

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  • Da Chimp96

    I'm having a tough time levelling up my team. So far I've been using slime hill but im wondering if the bowhole has a better chance of finding metal slimes. My highest vocation level is 50 so metal king slimes are not an option (can't get good enough grottos)

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  • Lord Carlisle

    Leveling Up

    July 4, 2012 by Lord Carlisle

    I need a quick way to level up. Quicker than killing King Metal Slimes. Err... Metal KING slimes I think. Anyway, around what level grotto would have platinum king jewels?

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  • Lord Carlisle

    My Party

    July 3, 2012 by Lord Carlisle

    So I've been traveling around with two other party members. What do you guys think of this combination? Edit: Changed Team Set Up:

    Alex: Armamentalist; Sword

    Ghirahim: Warrior; Sword

    Bleck: Sage; Wand

    Hades: Martial Artist; Fisticuffs

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Luke is a young Celestrian in training. His teacher is the famous Aquila. He's well known throughout the observatory as the "Guardian of Angel Falls". But when he falls down to Angel Falls (Get it? Angel "Falls"!!!), Erinn takes him in, and that's when he realizes he has lost his halo and wings!!! When he goes with Ivor to the past, he hears of a lady called Patty who went through the Hexagon. When he falls, he also became...a paladin. He is training in the Knife.

    Alyssa is a girl, Luke's age (11 years) is also a celestrian who fell from the observatory and who is training in wand. She can now cast Accelaretle. She really wants a partner and she realizes the massive increase of monsters. She hopes that one day this little Mage right here wi…

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Stuck on it.

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  • Lord Carlisle

    It's too quiet here. We need to bring life to this wiki. At least to the point where we can have relatively active members leaving blog posts without several day time intervals in between.

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  • Raised By Wolves

    So I am training to battle Goresby-Purrvis and so I train at Grottoes. The Equinox is was a joke. Beat him easily. So then I went to that Shogum grotto and I accadentally talked to him (By the way, who is speaking, the guy or the slime?) and started a battle with him. Then I easily beat him, but Nemean was soooo hard!

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  • Raised By Wolves


    They all hold Shields

    Paladin- LV. 19, holding a Dragonsbane

    Mage- LV. 34, holding a Bruhaha Boomstick

    Armamentalist- LV. 34, holding a Great Bow

    Priest- LV. 34, Holding a Lighting Lance.

    Any advice?

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  • Krissytenna

    Help!!!!! barbarus

    June 26, 2012 by Krissytenna

    i beat corvus then left to heal and save now i cant figure out how to get back to the Barbarus fight, can any one help me please

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  • Raised By Wolves

    So this was the Strategy I used:

    Gladiator uses Double Up, ditches defence a bit in return for a lot of Attack.

    I had my Mage use Bounce, because Hootingham's a spell user and could take damage like this.

    Armamentalist was bashing on Gore with Conjury Conductor (Lowers magical resistence).

    And Priest used Buff on me so my defence goes back to normal


    Then my Gladiator kept using Clap Trap (Attacks foe, very strong) on Gore.

    Mage kept using spells on the Bad Karmours

    And Armamentalist was hitting Gore the whole time.

    Priest= heavily healing.


    Then the Bad Karmours star…

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  • Raised By Wolves

    My team before:

    Gladiator- LV.29

    Mage- LV. 30

    Armamentalist- LV. 29

    Priest- LV. 32

    After 10 of those little guys:

    Gladiator- LV. 36

    Mage- LV. 37

    Armamentalist- LV. 35

    Priest- LV. 38.

    Now I'm so ready to verse Hootingham-Gore.

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  • Raised By Wolves

    So I just met Celstria and she sent me to Gittingham Palace (Well not exactly but to the Gittish Empire). Now I've gotta verse Hootingham-Gore and it's tough!


    Gladiator- LV. 29

    Mage- LV. 31

    Armamentalist- LV. 29

    Priest- LV. 32.


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  • Pavmeister

    DQIX Gameplay

    June 23, 2012 by Pavmeister

    I've been working on a full walkthrough od Dragon Quest IX on my youtube channel in the included link. Once completed, it will completely cover the main storyline. I'd appreciate your views, and subscribe if you like!Youtube

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  • Lord Carlisle


    June 9, 2012 by Lord Carlisle

    I'm trying to do the quest, "Can we Borya for a second", and I have to get Borya's outfit, but I already sold it. Is there anyway I can get a special guest's outfit back, like through multiplayer or something?

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  • S191

    Uh, seriously?

    June 8, 2012 by S191

    So I go to update the DQVC today and I get the exact same items I had the day before. But that's not all, it also has the same QUANTITIES as before. And since I bought all the items yesterday, I now have nothing to buy today.

    It's also saying it's Guest Guys Gear Week 3, even though it's clearly Bridal Fayre. Is my game glitched up or what?

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  • KidJGoon

    I've leveled my character to level 14, while my party has leveled up to level 13. I fought many monsters at the place where the Wight Knight is. I also found a trailbrazing bandana and equip it to my character,Jose. I journeyed to the bottom of the dungeon where I had a close encounter with a demon humanoid named Morag. She zapped the Wight Knight with her demonic eyes, then she zapped me, but i was recovered. Morag was furious and challedged me and my team to a fight. I had my character to use Dragon Slash,Erick to use Propeller Blade, Alice to use Bang, and Selina to attack. It was a pretty easy fight and Morag was a pretty good adversary herself.

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  • Wrathrider014

    Ok to get this straight i didnt get totally owned by them when i was lvl 99 but when i was around the level you face them 15-20 (I think) they were hard as nails probably the most OP common enemy for their level (in DQ9). They know both the shout move that sends party members into shock and call backup, not to mention they can attack TWICE IN ONE TURN! So yeah they are practically invincible. If you face three this can easily turn into 5 and most of you team mates stunned. This will quickly end up to be 10 and all your team mates in shock rendering you unable to attack or defend and you will then die =/.

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  • Hmjb1993

    Level 96 +3 Sage

    Level 99 Warrior

    Level 99 +1 Gladiator

    Level 99 Gladiator

    I'm fairly pleased with that! Still yet to get a grotto with a blight knight though... sadface...

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  • VictiniForever

    I was seriously underleveled when I fought corvus. Only about level 20-23. I managed to scrape through, and then started on grottos. I beat Nemean-Atlas, Tyranosaurus Wrecks and Greygnarl with no probs. ( about level 40 now.) Then I beat Excallipurr, again no sweat. On my way back up (I never warped out) I managed to get in a fight with a random slionheart that shouldn't even have been in that grotto. I then had 2 people still alive, no warp or yggdrasil leaves. I then got out and lost to a Metal bubble slime ( angel falls ). Lesson to be learnt here, DONT picka fight with slimes. They can be deadly. VictiniForever 16:22, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Felding

    Joker and Joker 2

    May 1, 2012 by Felding

    So after dusting off my Amazon GC's, I decided to redeem them and spend a bit of it.

    I ordered a GBC Cable for my Wii and Wind Waker. I plan on a complete 100% run for everything, including Gallery Figurines. That's gonna be fun.

    Aside from that, I also ordered a fresh copy of Joker 2, as I already have the original Joker and have been wanting the sequel since I first saw the unofficial ads on Youtube. I don't have a party planned for it, but I know at least one monster I have interest in. That would be the first Material Monster I encountered in Monsters 2: Roboster 2/Overkilling Machine. However, I might also try to turn that into a Trauminator.

    As for Joker, I plan on doing a non-battle healer run. I have a plan for getting an Uber Knight/…

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  • Felding

    My Cobi's Journey Team

    April 18, 2012 by Felding

    This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I'm trying to accomplish right now. I'm only after two specific monsters with specific abilities.

    Monster completed: EvilArmor.

    Abilities given: HealAll, Squallhit, PsycheUp, SpeedUp, Increase, TwinHits, WarCry, BladeD.

    This monster has been obtained.

    I'm at the final bosses and really have no idea what to do about the Garudian I want. If anyone catches this blog and seems interested in giving me advice, feel free to do so. I'm hardly a pro at this game and always looking for helpful hints and whatnot.

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  • Addamay123

    Battle Victories:________6043

    Times Alchemy Performed:_279

    Accolades Earnt:_________120

    Quests Completed:________126

    Grottoes Completed:______284

    Guests Canvassed:________6

    Defeated Monster List Completion:_92%

    Wardrobe Completion:______________56%

    Item List Completion:_____________78%

    Alchenomocon Completion:__________35%

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