Blow Kiss is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series. When used, the user cutely blows a kiss at their target, which sends a heart-shaped projectile at them. It causes some damage and has a chance to cause the target to lose their turn.


Dragon Quest IV

While not a skill for the player to use, it is an action of Maya when she is confused.

Dragon Quest VIII

Now a usable skill in battle, Blow Kiss can be learned by allocating 8 skill points into Jessica's Sex Appeal skillset. It deals a small amount of amount of damage at no MP cost and has a 1⁄8 chance to prevent the target from acting on their next turn.

Dragon Quest X

While Blow Kiss cannot be used in battle, it is a gesture for players to do. However, monsters can use it like the Awebergine & Blueberry.

Dragon Quest XI

Blow Kiss can be learned by Jade through her Allure panel for 10 skill points. The maximum amount of damage it can do is 67~77 and it has a chance to enthrall the enemy. It costs 3 MP to use. Monsters can use it as well, with either enthralling an enemy for a turn or mesmerizing them, like Smackers, Kissers, & Whambelina, while being the replacement for the Puff-Puff skill in the 3DS & 2D Switch for the Succubats, Fruity succubats, Vampire succubats, & Supreme succubats.

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