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A boarker is a monster who appears in Dragon Quest VI.


These hulking beast-like men hammer at foes with their frightening flails. They wear garishly gold and bronze armor with a massive flowing cape. They're capable of doing a deadly desperate attack, but it deals damage to the monster itself even if the attack misses.


Main games[]

Dragon Quest VI[]

#115 - Boarker
Beast Family
No Image HP MP Attack Defence Agility
200 0 137 90 83
Exp Gold Drop Chain sickle
252 78 G
Note: None
Normal attack
Desperate attack
Swings maces
Haunts at:
Shrine West of Amor area
Islands North of Château de Sass
Cryptic Catacombs
Weaver's Peak area (Lower World)
Dullerton area

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Groverrat
German Börker
Spanish Cerdigritón
Italian Soppressor
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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