Body Slam is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series. Upon use, it attempts to reduce both the user and target's HP by around 80%, and utilizes an foe's resistance to whack to calculate accuracy. Be wary of using this skill, as the player will still take damage even if they miss their target.


Dragon Quest IV

Making its debut, it is an enemy only skill used by Bullfinchs and Moosifers, as well as Demon thunderers, Perilwinkles, and Chow Mein in the remakes.

Dragon Quest V

Body Slam is learned by several monster companions and is also used by Terrorceratopses and Bloodbonnets in battle against their enemies.

Name Level
Fat rat --
Rotten apple --
Hades helm 5
Ticking timeburrm 5
Bomboulder 6
Rockbomb 10
Fandangow 25

Dragon Quest VI

Body Slam is learned by Kingsley at level 10, while other characters can learn it by advancing to rank 6 of the Merchant vocation. It now deals 80% damage to an enemy, but also takes that same damage with 2 HP as recoil compensation. It is also used by Wayward armours, Dreadful drackals, Darkcrawlers, Armoured wartoises, Finned fatales, and Averill in battle, the latter of whom should be avoided.

Dragon Quest VII

Body Slam is learned by advancing to Rank 3 of the Sailor vocation (Rank 2 of the 3DS remake), Rank 7 of the Jawtoise, Malevolantern, and Notso macho vocations, Rank 4 of the Seasaur, and Rank 3 of the Platinum king jewel. It acts the same as in VI, and is also used by Barracudas, Wooden horsemen, Notso machos, Donkey xotes, Mucho machos, Dragsters, Dragsters, Demon thunderers, Hellstalkers, Perilwinkles, Deathcargots, Disastropods, and Strangler fishes, as well as Armoured wartoises once again in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest VIII

An enemy only skill for the first time since IV, it is used by Bulldozers and Iron rhinos, as well as Bullfinches and Notso machos once again in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest IX

This ability is learned with 48 skill points invested into the Warrior's Courage skill tree. It is very useful for Quests that require a character to be at low health, giving it some added functionality, and is also used by Ram raiders, Drackals, and Tantamounts in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest X

Learned with 70 skill points invested into the Courage skill tree, it now has the ability to stun enemies for a turn, in addition to the same properties it had in IX, but no longer causes recoil damage. It costs 4 MP to use and is also used by Drake slimes, Dragon slimes, Dark Berserker, Barbatos, and Sati in battle against their enemies. In addition, it is also learned by investing 3 skill points into a recruited Chest mimic's Chest Savings skill tree.

Dragon Quest XI

An enemy only skill once again, it is used by Toadies and Master moosifers, as well as Moosifers and Barabtoses once again in battle. It acts the same as in X.

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