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The bow tie is an recurring accessory in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VI[]

The Bow tie has a Defense bonus of +2 and a Style bonus of +33. It can be equipped by the Hero, Carver, Nevan, Terry, Amos, and Lizzie. The bow tie can be purchased at Turnscote for 2,400 gold coins and sold for 1,800 gold coins. It can also be dropped rarely by Wet kissers and Thaumatobats. If worn together with the Silk tuxedo for the Best-Dressed Contest, it provides an extra +25 bonus to Style.

Dragon Quest VII[]

The Bow tie has a Defence bonus of +2, a Style bonus of +15, and can be equipped by the Hero, Ruff, and Sir Mervyn. The bow tie can be found in various locations, including the Palazzo di Bulgio, El Monumento de Pomposo in the present, and Hubble. In the original Sony PlayStation version of the game, bow ties can be purchased at the Bazaar evolution of The Haven for 2,400 gold coins. Once again, if it is worn with the Silk tuxedo when being graded for the Excellence Grading Organisation for Style, it provides an extra +25 Style bonus.

Dragon Quest IX[]

In Alchemy[]

Where to Find[]

In Dourbridge, it is priced at 8000 gold coins, so it is recommended to buy it cheaper at 1600 gold coins in Slurry Quay or Gleeba.

Dragon Quest X[]

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Dragon Quest XI[]

Bow Tie
Defense +2
Charm +10 (+15, +20, +25)
Rarity C
Armor Class Neckwear Accessory
Equipable by: All Characters
Buy Price 3000
Sell Price 800
Flavor Text A snappy accessory without which no gentleman about town would be seen dead

Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

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Dragon Quest Heroes[]

Purchase Value
Not for Sale
Sale Value
Basic Effects
Reduced Damage From Falling +40.0%
A bow tie stylish enough to spruce up any suit

Lke the vast majority of the available accessories, Bow ties can be created through Alchemy; through a lucky Sweet Success creation, it can be made from the start already at a rank of +1, then with successive melding with other copies of itself, an individual Bow tie can be ugraded to up to a +3 rank, adding a total of 3 other additional effects to their base one; these effects are chosen at random from a pool of possible bonuses available for this particular accessory.

In order to create it, at least one of its recipe variants is necessary to having been found.

The Quick recipe, like all Quick recipes except for the Gold ring, can be bought by exchanging Mini medals, 2 in this case; alternatively, like its counterparts, the Classic recipe and the even better Luxury recipe, it can be found very rarely as a secret drop from Hawk men. Alternatively, all of these recipe variants could potentially be found inside a treasure chest, but even more rarely than from the enemy drops.

As such, since it is not ideal to find as a drop a Quick recipe that could had been purchased instead, it is preferable to spend some Mini medals and learn the Quick recipe as soon as possible, thusly increasing the chances for the monsters to drop the better, rarer quality recipes rather then the ones that are already more easily accessible.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Nœud papillon
German Fliege
Spanish Pajarita
Italian Cravatta a farfalla
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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