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The brain drainer is a shield available in the Dragon Quest series. It is the first form of the ultimate shield in the game.


Dragon Quest IX[]

Brain drainer
IX - Brain drainer sprite

Brain drainer

Defence 34
Block Chance 8.5%
Elemental Resistance +10% resistance to fire, ice, wind, dark and blast
Obtained from Sir Sanguinus, Alchemy
Buy price Cannot buy
Sell price 20000 G
Equippable by DQ9 Warrior IconPriest IconMage IconMinstrel IconDQ9PaladinIconDQ9ArmamentalistIconDQ9SageIconDQ9LuminaryIcon
Flavour text A supernatural shield that brings a magical barrier into being. 
Rarity Stars4

It can be alchemised by using Devilry drinker x 1 and Reset stone x 1.

Dragon Quest XI[]

+45 (+46, +48, +50)
Block Chance
Equipped by
Hero, Serena, Sylvando, Eight
Elemental Damage -5%
The Battleground
Dropped by
Red Mist

Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light[]

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Other languages[]

Other languages
French Boucliéponge
German Hirnhemmer
Spanish Vaciacerebros
Italian Cerebrus
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown