The bronze armour is a recurring set of armour in the series.


Dragon Quest IV

The bronze armour has a defense bonus of +25. It can be equipped by the HeroRagnar McRyanKirylTorneko, and MeenaHardie has this among his equipment (Chain mail in the DS Version), as well as Oojam.

It can be purchased for 700 gold coins, and sold for 525. Tessie will sell this for 1,050 at Torneko's shop.

Dragon Quest V

The bronze armour has a defense bonus of +21. It can be equipped by the Hero, the Hero's sonHarry, and Tuppence.

Dragon Quest VI

Bought for 700 gold in Somnia. Has defense bonus of +21.

Dragon Quest VII

The bronze armour has a defense bonus of +23 and a style bonus of +12. It can be bought in Greenthumb Gardens and Alltrades Abbey for 1,350 gold and sold for 675 gold. The HeroKiefer, and Aishe can equip it.

Dragon Quest VIII

The bronze armour has a defense bonus of +24. It can be bought for 840 gold in Ascantha and Pickham and sold for 420 gold. Only the Hero can equip it. It can also be made in the Alchemy Pot.

Recipe: Chain mail + Bronze shield

Dragon Quest IX

Bronze armour
Defense +14
Rarity ★☆☆☆☆
Equipment Class Armour
Equipable by WarriorThiefMinstrelGladiatorPaladinArmamentalistLuminary
Buy Price 720
Sell Price 360
Flavor text Armour made of alloyed metal plates.
Notes Buy in Coffinwell.

Dragon Quest X

Comes with a top portion and a bottom portion.

Other languages

Other languages
French Armure de bronze
German Bronzeharnisch
Spanish Armadura de bronce
Italian Armatura di bronzo
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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