The Builder is co-protagonist in Dragon Quest Builders 2. They are brought from the world of Dragon Quest II by Hargon to awaken Malroth's power.


The male builder has spiked hair. He wears a red scarf, black vest, white undershirt, blue pants and the same leather gloves and boots. He's also carrying a brown backpack.

The female builder has her hair in two pigtails. She wears a red and white tunic, black undershirt and the same leather gloves and boots. She's also carrying a brown backpack

In Builders 2, the player can perform basic character customisation such as changing the hair, eye and skin colour of the hero or heroine.


The Builder's personality is described as cheerful and eager to please, to the point where they're even willing to help monsters that had just captured them. Throughout the game they are described as bearing a big goofy grin. This changes after Malroth is separated from them, when their personality turns grim and serious as they focus on finding their best friend.

It's revealed that their ambition is simply to build things for their friends to enjoy.


Dragon Quest Builders 2

The builder was born and apprenticed in Cantlin.

The player gets to decide what the Builder does throughout the story, only the Builder’s personality isn’t changed. Halfway through the story, Malroth tells the Builder that he doesn’t want to be friends with them anymore, causing the Builder to slip into a state of determination and depression, shedding their smile for a sad frown, which affects every story-affected character, who comment on it often.

When given the choice to return to thier own world, they refuse for the time being.


The builder has the power of building in general. They also have the ability to lift freakishly huge items despite little in the way of muscles. Over the course of the game they learn the ability to destroy large areas worth of blocks and a spin attack from Malroth. The builder is able to come up with blueprints using the book they always carry as inspiration. 

The builder's enthusiasm for building is so infectious anyone, man or monster, that spends enough time with them will develop the desire to build and grow things. This even includes devout followers of the Children of Hargon and even the Master of Destruction himself.

The builder possesses the ability to tame animals by petting them and certain monsters by giving them monster munchies. It's noted by one of the miners that monsters seem to love the Builder.

While it's never outright stated that the Builder is or becomes a god they do have the ability to create the sun that makes the dream world real with Malroth's help. They also develop the ability to convert gratitude that they collect from residents into items that have been logged in the Builderpedia. In addition like the divine protagonist of Okami, they are powered up during the story islands by collecting gratitude from the residents of each area.


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