Dragon Quest XI
Japanese name 邪神ニズゼルファ
Rōmaji Evil God Nisselfa
Gender Unknown
Title(s) The Dark One
Race(s) Unknown
Age Beginning of times

Calasmos is the optional final boss and the true antagonist of Dragon Quest XI.

The ancient evil that once attempted to cover the world in darkness. The Dark One fought against the original Luminary, Erdwin, and his allies and was defeated. Unfortunately, just as Erdwin was about to deliver the final blow, he was betrayed and killed by his partner, the mage Morcant, who proceeded to take Calasmos's power and become the demon sorcerer Mordegon. Without the Luminary the Dark One could not be destroyed; so, as per Elder Eegoltap's suggestion, Serenica and The Watchers sealed its body and sent it to the heavens. His prison, which resembled a glowing orb observable from land in all Erdrea, later became known as Erdwin's Lantern.


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Other languages
French Unknown
German Unknown
Spanish Khalasmos
Italian Unknown
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